Where Are You On The 2010 Map Of Online Communities?

Randall Monroe from the web comic XKCD just released his massive 2010 Map of Online Communities. Can you find Kotaku? Hint: Look for the fish.

We had to add the fish ourselves, but since Kotaku is an island nation in the blogosphere, one can assume there would be plenty of fish there anyway.

This map is an update of XKCD's 2007 map, which was lovely but didn't include you folks, so it didn't count.

I'm right down there in the blogosphere with you guys, though I do have a tendency to spend lots of time visiting MMO Island for both work and play.

Where else do you folks hang out?

Visit XKCD for a large, unfished version of the image, plus tons of hilarious web comics about romance, sarcasm, maths and language. Just remember to always read the mouseover text.

Online Communities [XKCD via Major Nelson]


    Well I don't see the isle of xfire anywhere but other than that, a lot of my online time is represented

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