Which Diablo Class Will You Be Playing?

Diablo III's fifth character class, the Demon Hunter, won many fans after its reveal today. Have you fallen hard for him (or her)? Or are you going for one of the other four?

Here is what we know: Demon Hunter joins the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, the Wizard and the Monk in Diablo III, and the classes are not fixed to a specific gender. Demon Hunter, featured as a woman in the debut trailer, will place a heavy focus on projectiles such as throwing knives, grenades, bola, and bows, some of which can be combined with magic spells.

So which will it be for you when Diablo III finally arrives?


    Tough call. Toss up between the witch doctor and the demon hunter. Possibly witch doctor first then demon hunter second. That zombie wall is too hilarious to pass up XD

    Witch doctor. The Demon Hunter seems from this cursory description too much like the Assassin. The Witch Hunter feels fresh.

    Noooooo, Monk or Demon Hunter... Monk or Demon Hunter.... Damn you Blizz for making this hard!

    I played Rogue in D1 and Amazon in D2, so it's needless to say my first class will be Demon Hunter.

    After that, I think i'll try out the wizard

      Haha exactly the same situation with me, Rogue->Amazon->Demon Hunter.

    I don't know. Before today I would of said Barbarian or Wizard but that Demon Hunter looks so cool. Why isn't there an opption on that poll called Undecided?

    whichever female is hottest at this point, so either demo hunter, wizard, or i dont know how sexy the monk is.

    That or i could stop being a retard and go female barbarian.

    I'm almost certain the Demon Hunter will be the 'huntard' of Diablo. It's admittedly really cool concept, which all but guarantees its explosive popularity with 90% of the gaming population.

    So Witch Doctor for me. My main WoW char is a troll and I love it, just hoping Blizz gets over their Jamaican accent fascination (warcraft trolls, SC2's Tosh)

      But Jamaican accents are really cool!

        Cryptic Clue - Band or Artist:
        Why are them Jamaican men swinging fish around their head?

        Initials - DS

    I think I'll definitely be monk'ing it up. I mean, they can PUNCH THE BLOOD OUT OF SKELETONS.

      Just so you know, not dealing with any other the undead stuff, the human skeleton contains a lot of blood. So punching the blood out of a skeleton would be about as hard a breaking bones. If the monk can punch the blood out of something like a stone statue then that would be amazing... Like squeezing blood from a stone.

    arrggh Demon hunter looks so cool....but the wizard can make MULTIPLE COPIES OF HERSELF. You know what? I'm just going to play all of them. at the same time. sleep and food are not important.

    Barbarian. Tough, good armor, simple gameplay. All the things I look for in a first play-through.

    Monk or Wizard for me. I tend to play either the support class or the instant kill damage dealer.

    Honestly all of them, but primarily Barbarian, i'm a huge melee nut

    I was struggling to choose between the existing classes, this reveal makes it much easier for me.
    Demon Hunter fo' shizzo.

    If its magic im alllll over it so Wizard all the way.

    Blizzard's slipping in the creativity department.



    Wizard seem have to most flashy spells! which i like.

    I'll roll Witch Doctor. The skills are unique, character wicked, and it looks like WD has the best field control out of other classes.

    And besides - I absolutely loved trolls from World of Warcraft, and Witch Doctor with those wonderful masks, balck misticism and wildness is reminding me about them.

    I'm gonna be proud to start my adventure with Diablo with one of them.

    Although I still cannot decide if I should play female or male.

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