Which Game Series Should Go 3D?

3D televisions are expected to proliferate. More 3D TVs means more and more 3D games. Japanese research firm goo Ranking (via What Japan Thinks) polled folks in Japan regarding which game series they wanted to play on a 3D TV.

The survey sample was mostly female (68.2 per cent) and ranged from teenagers to senior citizens with the majority in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Here's the list:

1.) Super Mario series 2.) Mario Kart series 3.) Final Fantasy series 4.) Resident Evil series 5.) The Legend of Zelda series 6.) Super Smash Bros series 7.) Dynasty Warriors series 8.) Monster Hunter series 9.) Street Fighter series 10.) Dragon Ball series 11.) Gran Turismo series 12.) Winning Eleven series 13.) Tekken series 14.) Metal Gear Solid series 15.) Tomb Raider series 16.) Ace Combat series 17.) Silent Hill series 18.) Virtua Fighter series 18.) Love Plus series 20.) Ridge Racer series 21.) F-Zero series 21.) The House of the Dead series 23.) StarFox series 24.) Siren series 25.) Medal of Honor series 26.) Call of Duty series 27.) Virtual-On series 28.) Need for Speed series 28.) Panzer Dragoon series 30.) Space Harrier series

Some of these titles have already debuted in 3D. A new arcade version of Metal Gear Online, called Metal Gear Arcade, is in 3D, and Space Harrier got a 3D version for the Sega Master System back in 1988. It was called Space Harrier 3-D.

This survey, however, is pertaining to new 3D televisions like glasses-free Regza.

大画面3Dテレビで遊んでみたいゲームシリーズランキング - ゲームランキング [goo ランキング via What Japan Thinks via 1Up]


    Can you imagine playing Mario in 3D? It would be god awful trying to make jumps.

    But House of the Dead would be awesome.

      We shall see with Paper Mario 3D, not that looks awesome

    This is great, but bring back Gunstar Heroes!

    Blah blah blah... Star Fox!!!

    I was going to say Descent: Freespace or Wing Commander. I want a proper 3D space fighter sim goddammit! Even a good Star Wars one would be ok, but I'd rather something a bit more like Battlestar Galactica :)

      mmm xwing or tie fighter in 3d would be hawt!!

      One game I would love to see in glorious ful HD 3d would be something like Trackmania! That would be sweeet!!

    Sonic! Because that worked so well last time they tried it in 3D..........

    Space Harrier for sure!

    3D was invented for Wipeout, other than that a good Road Rash reboot is long overdue.

    Command and Conquer, or another suitable RTS. Having that depth of field in a mostly top-down view game could be awesome.

    Fighters and Bombers would fly high over terrain. Imagine that feeling of an Ion-Cannon strike coming down from the sky, or the mushroom cloud from an stomic bomb rumbling up towards you.

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