While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was a well-received romantic comedy starring the luminous Sandra Bullock and the irrepressible Bill Pullman.

It’s also the name of a new section here at Kotaku, where we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

The biggest news coming out last night is that, hilariously, Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed again. It's almost as if Sony and Polyphony Digital are in on the joke! Delayed until when? We don't have specific details at the moment, but as soon as we know, you'll know!

As we mentioned yesterday, we're a bit over zombies, but we're good for a final fling with Red Dead Redemption. More details on the upcoming Undead Nightmare pack are available here and here. Marston's zombie steed is a particular highlight.

Also: Valve's new game is DOTA2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood goes viral, and Sony release another really weird ad campaign.


    I'd like to ask that name of the thread be changed to "while you were restlessly tossing and turning and pissing off your partner"

    Also, i would like to second that zombie steeds have always been awesome!

    also zombie dragons

    Personally i'll never be sick of zombies. But i just love them that much. I do agree that people are going over-board putting them in every damn game now.. I mean, what next. "Dora The Explorer: Zombie Safari"

    On a side note - i hate what games workshop have done to Manfred Von Carstein - they took what was one of the best vampire models and completely re-designed him to look absolutely stupid.. The new Vlad is pretty bad-ass though..

    Yes i am THAT much of a geek.

      I have to say its probably the tossing in bed that pisses her off more than the turning. :)
      Sorry, bad joke.

        buh-dum-tish indeed

        it's ok, i knew SOMEONE had to make that joke, and i would too if i were in your position.

        Also, it's not so much that that's the problem, it's more when it goes astray and gets her in the eye - that's when she gets upset...

        ...and of course i'm talking about my elbow... :P

          It would have been me, but I was late here today!

    Seeing that sleepy little kitty each morning when I open up Kotaku definitely brightens up my day. It is so adorable.

      Not for me anymore! :(

        Roger that.

          I have a solution...

          Mark, unless you're a LOLcatz fan, can we replace the picture with say, this:

    "...we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work."

    It's funny, because that's exactly what I do. =P

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