Who Needs Flower When You've Got LittleBigPlanet 2

The first LittleBigPlanet was home to crude recreations of various old-school games. LittleBigPlanet 2 can do a whole lot more.

Like recreate Flower, a PlayStation Network game that was released not in 1989 but in 2009, and which was not a simple side-scrolling title, but a 3D game that didn't even feature a main character.

Can't wait to see someone do WipeOut!

[via Joystiq]


    Wow. That is pretty damn awesome. It's the game that keeps on giving.

    When LBP was first released it was amazing the amount of tools you were given to create your own levels and so forth.

    There have been other games in the past that give you map editors and things like that, but this was different. Sure there was alot of time investment required to understand these tools, with anything new, to get good at something you have to learn.

    Already though, the things that are coming out of the LBP2 Beta along with the announcement trailer that shows what was possible, this game is getting closer and closer to becoming the only game you actually need as you can pretty much seem to find any type of game you want within LBP2.

    I love both! :)

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