Who Wants To Play Disc Golf With Death?

A trio of sinister skeletal figures joins the cast of Sony's PlayStation Move sports game this week, as the Haunted Pack brings the undead back to Sports Champions.

I say back, because when the PlayStation Move first debuted at E3 in 2009, we were shown a tech demo that starred a skeleton. The person demonstrating the Move tapped the skeleton with swords, dodged its attacks with a shield, and shot arrows at it. That demo went on to become Sports Champions, and the skeletons were buried, until now.

Starting tomorrow, Sports Champions owners can download the Haunted Pack of downloadable content. The pack brings back the undead in three forms: the helmeted Deadmund, hard-headed Numbskull and the deathly Specter. The three spooktacular new characters come with the appropriate accessories. Who hasn't craved a skull-shaped bocce set?

The pack will be out tomorrow for $US4.99.

Just remember, when you play disc golf with Death, Death always wins.

Coming to PSN Tuesday: Sports Champions "Haunted" DLC [PlayStation Blog]


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