Why Didn't I Think Of This...

How many times have you lost DS cartridges? In my case the answer is none, because I'm awesome, but if you have a horde of careless sprogs, you may have lost more than a few in your time.

Enter the 'Gametag', a new accessory for the Nintendo DS that allows you to literally attach your DS games to the handheld console via a device that hooks onto the strap clip.

Talking to the Sydney Morning Herald Janine Samuel, mother of four explained that the device was invented by sheer necessity more than anything, after she continually sucked up her children's games whilst vacuuming.

"Some people I've spoken to have lost seven or eight games... it's a huge expense."

The Gametag is essentially a keyring with eight tabs you can attach games to, and costs $20 direct from the Gametag website. Or conversely you can pick it up at EB where it goes onsale tomorrow.

Aussie Mum's Kitchen Table Games Empire [SMH]


    Sounds like a great way to ruin cartridges without actually losing them... :\

    Doesn't even take a horde of sprogs, one 9-year old girl is enough to lose a few games, even an actual DSlite.
    If I ever decide to get her a new one, or hand mine down to her if I get a 3DS, I'm absolutely getting one of these. Only thing I'd be worried about is if she loses the system while the games are attached....

      Or, through the divine mysticism that is being young, manages to cause all gaming devices in the house to collapse in on themselves in a wondrous implosion.... and leave scratches deeper than the grand canyon in all of the discs in the house :)

      Nae bother, hook one of the keyrings to her leash / wrist strap / headband / whatever the kids these days are wearing.

        Nice use of 'nae'. It doesn't go unnoticed!

          It wasn'e intentional... that's just how I speak, ye' ken?

          I try to roll them out as much as possible in the real world.
          Nupty, Steamin, Blether, Haverin (The Proclaimers FTW) and wee.

      9 year old? Pshaw.
      Few years ago, I almost left my freshly bought DS on the bus. I didn't even realise I had dropped it until my friend came up to me (after we got off the bus) and said "Hey, you probably want this, right?" and almost pooped myself when I realised I had indeed dropped it.
      So I guess the moral of the story is that I can't have nice things.

    We keep talking about the costs of games in Australia, but I want to know where the hell she's buying hers from! "Close to $100" and "$89 down the drain" for DS games?! I think she needs to try shopping around a bit...

    sounds like that woman needs to raise her children properly. You do NOT leave toys around the floor, bad mother.

    What's to stop people from Asia copying this product and selling it on eBay?

      As with anything to do with people in Asia copying stuff, there is absolutely NOTHING stopping them

      The same thing that stops them from copying pretty much everything else: nothing.

    $20 for a bit of string to hold onto your ds carts? lol. Unless your DS spring loading is broken why the heck would you need this?

    Not really a problem for me, I download all of my purchased games and put them on my R4, so I don't have to worry about swapping carts. Heck, most of my DS cards are still in their boxes. The only one that isn't is Pokemon Soul Silver, as i wanted to keep it as legit as possible.


    Good on her for starting a business, could make a decent crust for a while... but - "Even old ladies came up to me and said I don't have a DS but I think it's wonderful"

    Colour me dubious

    I do admire the invention and I think it would be useful for more people other than parents and children, particularly while travelling. However, I think she has either exaggerated her investment for the purposes of the article or she has seriously overestimated the market potential for this device.

    The SMH article quotes that she has "300,000" units in stock, yet EB has only ordered 1,000 units so far? She's taking a big gamble with outlaying so much capital on a product that has only, essentially, received minor interest from one big retailer.

    I wish her and her family all the best in this venture, but I just hope that the DS market holds-out long enough for her to make the most from her investment.I mean, a new DS could spell disaster for this product if the cartridges change.

    A woman attaches a cord to a game cartridge and suddenly it's an "empire"..

      Got a problem with it? Go live in China.

    That cord seems more irritating than useful. I already find playing DS for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable/painful/tiring on the hands, but with a cord and several games hanging off of the back? No thanks. I'll just keep my carts in those handy little plastic boxes (the ones that fit ~4 games) in my Zelda DS Lite pouch.

      Then this product is obviously not for you. It's for those who lose their games and have stronger wrists ;)

    It seems game manufacturers rely on the single game - single cartridge model counting on the average consumer (single mums) to loose games... Why dont they just purchase mod chips...

    Why not just make a bracelet that can attach DS catridges. I know i would wear one. Those would be hot!, though slightly uncomfy

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