Wii Party Is Super Effective Against Collar Popping D-bags

Nintendo's Wii Party is more than just a collection of enjoyable mini-games. It's also the ideal instrument to get you the girl of your dreams, even if she's currently dating a total douchebag who just happens to have great hair.

In the battle against the Johnny Lawrences, Stan Winstons and Chas Osbornes of the world, turns out a little Wii Party can help expose their innermost asshole to the crushes in your life. As proven in this informative promo spot, noticed by NeoGAF member jarosh, mini-games are the shortest way to a girl's heart, but like poison to William Zabka types.

So, remember. At your next rockin' house party, a little Wii Party might just let you score in a whole new way.


    This is totally gonna get the girls. In all seriousness it actually might..




    What a skank....

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