Windows Phone 7: Gamers May Just Love It

We've already had a quick swatch at some of the games coming out on Windows Phone 7, but Microsoft recently released a few more details at a recent event in Sydney, and we're slowly becoming convinced that this smartphone may actually be best suited for gamers.

Exhibit A: All the games available on Windows Phone 7 will feature free trials, which is streets ahead of downloading 'Lite' versions on the App Store.

Exhibit B: Your Xbox Live friends list will be integrated into your phone, and you can gain achievements on the move, which plays into Microsoft's strength as a games publisher brilliantly. With millions of gamers already invested in their gamerscore, Apple's Game Center pales in comparison.

Exhibit C: This is arguably the least exciting piece of news, but gamers can use gamerpoints to purchase games on the store. You can also debit directly from your credit card, which is probably preferable for most people, but it's a clever option.

So, while the reaction from non-gamers may be a little stifled, there's plenty to get excited about with the Windows Phone 7 if you like playing on the move.


    I'm interested. I want to see where they're going with this, but it has me more excited than any Apple thing I've seen.

    Otherwise I'll go the Android way.

    Although being one of many people who got fucked by MS when moving overseas with my Xbox; not being able to shift my account overseas/access certain games on Xbox Live now that I'm overseas. However they can still take my money when I'm paying for XLive time, gamer points, non-R18+ games, etc... just not when buying games or DL'ing content that is restricted more than M.

    So how is this gonna work for people travelling overseas with their gamer accounts? All over the world. Is this going to usher in a new era of account transferability for Xbox Live users?

      I have a situation where my xbox live account is linked to an old hotmail account I used that has a UK address attached. Automatically everything defaults to the UK: UK prices, UK releases, everything. It's literally unfixable, and I've spoke to practically everyone at Microsoft about it!

        Unfortunately you're locked into the region you choose when creating your account, so I have a US account that I never use. Just in case.

        But, fingers crossed, this is a restriction that might be lifted now that Microsoft isn't under the limitations of the original Xbox Live service...?

        It's a common issue for people who move. It gets discussed every other week on the XBox forums and unfortunately the answer is always the same.

        Create a new account and start again. It sucks and is something we'd hope M$ would fix but apparently there are legitimate reasons. One is region restricted content. Does all your UK DLC all of a sudden become unuseable because you switch regions?

        It'a a seriously touchy subject for anyone affected but we're stuck with the current answer until the world truly becomes a single market.

        Yeah I had the same prob with my original account. It was my own fault though as I got an import of the Xbox Live starter kit before it was released in Australia (way back on the original Xbox) So I had to put in fake details just to sign up. I've eventually cancelled that account and started a new one, thankfully there were no gamerpoints to lose at the time!

    I didn't think the gamerpoints purchase thing was happening?

      Yeah I'd have thought that would be rife with exploits, especially since there's still a fairly significant market for rentals and we haven't gone all-digital so there's still the ability to loan your discs to your friends. Buy a shitty game with easy achievements on the cheap, get the points, cash them in for cash and pass the game to your friends. Bad idea.

      Unless the 'gamerpoints' in question are Microsoft Points, as in the Microsoft Bux we use to buy stuff on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    So what you actually mean is that it's best suited for XBox gamers. 2 of those features don't really have much benefit for those who don't already have a 360 and XBL account.

    And most games on iPhone / Android tend to have free trials / lite versions available - how is this "streets ahead" of that? What's the difference between a Windows mobile trial version and an iPhone / Android "Lite" version?

      Agreed. Don't see how this qualifies as streets ahead, and going on microsoft's past promises, can't see demos being enforced past the first six months anyway. The load times look woeful too. For 360 owners that like getting their gamerscore epeens out, there are some advantages, but for everyone else, their existing AppStore purchases will probably hold more weight. I think they will get an initial flurry of sales, but I don't see anything to make people throw out their android or iPhone. New owners, maybe, but they are an awful lot if apps behind.

    But isn't it going to come down to what the games are? I mean, Crackdown 2 as tower defence with a Bing maps background? Colour me cynical but I'm somewhat less than excited.
    Here's an idea - and its what Sony tried with one of the SOCOM's a while back: what about a minigame I can play on my phone that affects the full console version when I get home? From what I've seen, Xbox Live on WinPhoSev does it the opposite way around and that's a lot less interesting to me. I'm spitballing here, but what if - just say - I could play a Fallout: New Vegas weapon repair mini-game on my mobile that, when I fired up F:NV when I got home, meant that all my weapons were repaired in the full game. Or something like but, you know, better. And maybe not related to Fallout, for those crazy people who aren't fans.
    From what I'm seeing, WinPhoSev ain't doing nothing that Android and iOS aren't already doing and I'm not sure that some casual games are going to be the killer app here. Despite what Dave McLean says about Xbox users being the natural market for the handsets.

    Wow. Talk about tl;dr. Sorry.

    See, the big problem for me, and I'm sure a LOT of other people, is: we've already forked out for iPhone games. I'm not going to switch phones now just for gamerscore, when I've got like a hundred bucks of games I love to play in the palm of my hand right now. I mean, it's not like a PS3 vs 360, I can have those both hooked up to a TV at the same time. Jumping from phone to phone isn't going to happen.

    im gonna go out on a limb and say this will be as successful as the zune...

      maaaaaaate, you really have no idea, check out engadget . com. Windows Phone 7 is all over the place

    Its the monthly fees that bother me. I can afford the hardware but cannot justify paying so much to use all the services.

    I pay about $15 a month to use my phone at the moment.

    Sounds like Ngage, no thanks.

      lol, wow, that is a crazy statement!

      Microsoft will not let this fail. Even if it makes a loss for a long time (I'm looking at you, Xbox!) they will keep plugging away and it will do just fine!

    I still don't consider my phone being a proper gaming device but it's nice to have something on the market that I can buy just as a screw you to apple (assuming the phone works well that is).

    I've got a Galaxy S, and am very disappointed with the lack of quality games for Android, especially seeing as the Galaxy S has the best graphics processor of any phone on the market at the moment, including iPhone4 and iPad.

    This is what Android needs, if only Google had set hardware standards as MS and Apple have with W7 Phone, even tiered (Mid Range, High Range...), maybe they would have got more games developers onboard.

    This looks very impressive, but I can't see anyone other than Xbox 360 and current Windows Mobile users getting too excited about it. A real shame.

    Not convinced in the slightest. Already have an iPhone, and that's proven to me that some games just don't work that well with a touch screen. And I fail to see how downloading free trials is "streets ahead" of downloading "Lite" versions; aren't they the same thing by another name?

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