Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Session

A 22 year-old woman from Jacksonsville, Florida has pleaded guilty to killing her baby son over a game of...Farmville.

Alexandra V. Tobias says her three-month old child, Dylan Lee Edmondson, had been crying while she was trying to play the popular Facebook casual game. This angered Tobias, who told authorities that she shook the baby, had a cigarette to calm herself down, then shook him again. It's believed he "may have hit his head during the shaking".

Dylan's death was classified as second-degree murder, a charge that carries the possibility of a life sentence in prison.

Jacksonville mum who shook baby for interrupting computer game pleads to murder [Florida Times-Union]


    Unfit parent, is an unfit parent, regardless of Facebook.

      Farmville is designed to appeal to the obsessive/ compulsive streak in all of us. More so, it is designed to exploit those who have a stronger OC trait. I put to you that with out Farmville and it's deliberatly addictive nature that child would still be alive today.

        And I put to you that you're the kind of person looking for a scapegoat to the responsibility of a person shaking a baby to death. The woman chose to neglect and abuse a child to death. Stop manipulating a system. The woman killed a kid and should be held responsible for it, not farmville.

        After all, it's not even proven she has OCD, so your argument is flawed.

        No, he's right. With a parent that mentally unstable as cruel as it is that child's days were numbered anyhow.

        You can't be blaming inanimate things like Farmville for people's shortcomings.

        Typical, we always gotta blame someone else, lets blame the game developers for instilling murder within us all as im sure thats what they intended, rather then trying to make a game to make money off.

        Haha! Hey Mr. Pincus, I thought you made Farmville, you shouldn't be blaming your own game!

        Why not blame the tobacco company instead? After all, they provided her with the cigarette that allowed her to calm her nerves before getting back in the ring for round 2.

        Besides, she was killing him with cancer anyway. What kind of parent smokes when they have a 3 month old baby?

        I could not argue that the child would be deceased without Facebook, that would be an entirely illogical conclusion to draw.

        While I agree with you 100% in regards to these games feeding the OCD and addictive traits in people, it disgusts me, anyone who harms an infant, no less their own child, is an unfit parent.

        The 'reason' behind the harm is irrelevant.

        As for facebook / taking the blame, she could just as well have taken her child to the casino and left him in the car.

        If it wasn't Farmville, it would have been something else that made her flip out. To kill her child in the first place means that she must have something mentally wrong. :(

        there is something seriously wrong with people who choose to blame everything and everyone else but the choice that woman made..she was frustrated and took it out on her baby..it is no one elses fault..this is the whole problem with society..people make choices and the blame goes to everyone else but the person who did it...oh..i was abused...oh..i was on drugs..oh..im mucked up in the head...its hard for me to beleive people dont know why they are doing the things they do...some people are just messed up and thats a fact of life..

    There's no FarmVille in prison sweetheart!

    good god -.-'

    Wow. That's sad.

    Wtf... What the hell... Seriously?

    "trying to play the popular Facebook casual game."

    You don't play Farmville, you click a button and watch a bar fill a couple times every few hours.

      Then I guess you don't play most games you just push buttons and change the pattern of lights on your monitor. A game is a game regardless if you dislike it.

      But this is typical sensationalist journalism. The title suggests it's Facebook's fault and not the parent which is just bull. It's a shame what happened, and probably was some other circumstance.

    at least she's taken the 'games make people kill people' heat off GTA for a change...

    Very sad.

    Also irritating that, again, media outlets launch off on the 'computer games kill' angle - just detracts from the story and issue of unfit parents.

    nice bung eye.

    she looks miserable at what shes done.

    As a parent, this is not nice to hear about. Having a new born is frustrating as hell but there is just no excuse for this.. just sad that that little person will never get to see the world.

    To anyone thinking of taking a life, just take your own instead. I have been affected by a number of suicides of those close to me so i don't mean to offend anyone, but if you are willing to kill someone else and then spend the rest of your life dealing with the concequences, take the 'victim' out of the equation and be done with it. It would affect far less people.

    I would have much rather hear about this child growing up as an orphan than this.

    Just really sad to hear about this stuff!

      I may be wrong... but this doesn't strike me as being premeditated.

    Horrific woman kills own child for no reason and sent to prison for rest of her life. Sunrise/sunset.

    What the hell, you are supposed to hug your baby not shake it!

    This is just furhter proof video games turn people into violent murderers! And seeing this game is only played ONLINE, another example that casual games must be classified through the proper sources. How can we protect our children until this is corrected!!

    When will enough be enough!!!

    (the cake is a lie)

      And phone Apps, don't forget them!

        Given that you shake a lot of those apps... were they training for this?

          Games do not cause violence, violent people cause violence.

          I am a parent and I play video games all the time and my 2 year old son generally sits on my lap or next to me while I am on them.

          Games can cause massive frustration at times I admit that but for that frustration to come out as violence there needs to be a violent tendency there already.

          This person is obviously just like a lot of today's young parents, unfit to be a parent and should have been evaluated during pregnancy to determine their fitness as a parent.

          There are a number of incidents of gamers doing bad things and it may be due to games but they are people who have nothing else to do in life and have become addicted, this is possible and can happen with and kind of past time.

          There have been plenty of assaults and murders over things life football but there is no call that its a bad thing and looked at so negatively like gaming is. Just leave gaming alone and stop using it as a scape goat for bad parenting, take responsibility, our children are what we make them.

      "This is just furhter proof video games turn people into violent murderers!"

      You sir, are the dumbest piece of crap I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with.

      To blame a video game instead of the parent, you can't be serious? Thats like blaming a rapper for someone cheating. STOP BLAMING In adamant objects for someone being so dumb! There has always been murder, child abuse long before these video games, now we are just using OCD and other illnesses for saving these people who should just be taken out back and shot!

    To get a license to drive a car you need to pass tests and spend a shitload of time under supervision. Yet they let anyone have a kid, no license, no tests and most of the time no supervision or trainig at all.
    Most people have wished for their baby to stop crying, for just a little piece and quiet. Most of us on the other hand haven't decided that the solution to that problem is killing our kid.
    Some people are just plain broken in the head.

      The difference is that driving a car is a privilege that needs to be earned. Becoming a parent, if one chooses, is a human right.

        It should never be a human right. Everyone should sit a test to see if they are fit enough to become a parent, if they fail they get some training, if they suck after that, they get their balls chopped off.

          PAH! HAHAHAHAHA!

    this is a classic case of the straw breaking up the camel's back... She probably had many other troubles as well may be a single mom, probably unemployed ...... Never wanted a child in the first place.....who knows when she snapped. This is the trouble with market economy...everyone for himself. Tell me an example of people in norway ever snaping like that......a wellfare state is the answer

      wow, dude, just wow.

      that you would use a story about a baby's murder to try and make a (false and incorrect) political point is just sad.

      the number of baseless assumptions you make (that she was unemployed, a single mum, never wanted the kid, that no Norwegan mother has ever murdered her child) speaks volumes about your ill-informed and childish reasoning.

    She "had a cigarette to calm herself down" right before shaking him again. gg

      that's the part that scares the hell out of me.

      First time - crazy venting. Shaking the baby AGAIN a cigarette to "calm down"? That's just evil, and (based on scant facts that I've read) borderline premeditated.


          Wasn't implying that it was premeditated...
          She was already stressed and worked up enough to flip out once. Cigarettes do not help you calm down, and she clearly didn't.

    Darwin was right.

      Except in this case Darwinism has nothing to do with it. Unless you perceive a newborn of any species as just a weaker version and we should kill all babies unless they kill us and earn the right to live.

        I think what Higgins is talking about the mother, not the child.
        If natural selection were the case, something like this may have never happened. A more intelligent person, especially a parent, would have realised that under no level of stress or under no circumstances, shaking a baby would result in the baby dying.

    That Is Bad As
    She she go to jail and die

    Farmville doesn't even come into it..
    Im pretty sure if this didn't happen she would have killed it for making gurgling noises too loud or looking too much like a baby the next day. With a parent this unfit and disturbed im sure it was only a matter of time.

    This is disgusting.

    lol next thing you know, farmville will be like gta, banned for violence.

    Facebook and farmtown need better moderation on these games. Something could be done by only giving users so many hours a day on the fb servers, the same way a morphine drip works while one is in hospital

    This woman deserves life in prison. I don't think FB or Farmville are the ones to blame cause who in their right mind would even think of doing something like killing a baby. Also I don't think that having too many problems in life if that was the case justifies what she did, if she couldn't take care of the poor baby she could've giving him on adoption there's a lot of people that are waiting to adopt a baby cause they can't have one on their own. Is terrible that we live among people like this.


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