World's Highest Gamerscore Reaches Half A Million

Stallion83 holds the Guinness World Record for the highest gamerscore in the world, and he's just reached 500,000 gamerscore points. Think you can catch up?

After a day filled with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games, Stallion83 finally hit the 500,000 gamerscore point mark by scoring a 20-point achievement in episode 4 of Telltale's Wallace & Gromit series of downloadable adventure games. Achievement unlocked: halfway to his one million point goal.

Over at the 1 Million Gamerscore Blog you can read a full account of Stallion83's day, from "7:00AM — Miss Mittens woke me up by meowing her face off. She better make the coffee today," to "3:38PM — Video posted."

Will he rest on his laurels, or continue the good fight? As I write this, he's online playing Karaoke Revolution. What a trooper.

500,000 Gamerscore [1 Million Gamerscore - Thanks Seto!]


    Can't get anymore dedicated than that guy... Or addict (?!?!?!).

    This is so sad..
    Mega-game rewards are ruining gaming for people with perfectionist disorders or superiority complexes.

    I've seen some very high levels on the PSN network. But if you take a closer look, you notice that a lot of people with the higher levels cheat. The guy with the most trophies on PSN has duplicates of many of the trophies.

      actually having duplicates of the same game isn't cheating. Some games have a different platinum amongst different regions. What this means is that if I have a copy of a game from Europe and one from north america, i can platinum both of them and get two different platinums. This only applies to some games but thats why some people have multiple platinums for the same game.

    It's actually sad. You've really got to wonder if he actually enjoys act of gaming anymore or if it is really just collecting achievements? I'm guessing there is quite a few games in he's collection he probably can't stand.

    I'd also like to know how many 360's he's been through since launch. :P

    Time for this dude to get a girlfriend.

      He is married and actually works full time. I remember watching an interview of him.

    and I'm only 1/100th of that

    my bet is this guy is a share house full of students, and the 360 never goes off. ever

    This is great news! All I need is another 497,000 gamerpoints and I will have caught up!

    Good on him, if he's got a healthy balance of work and family then keep up the good gaming. I don't see why people think you can't succeed in all three?

    One thing I hate about our modern game environment, is that its hard not to doubt stuff like this, especially after the crazy stuff I've seen on XBLA Leaderboards and the like (check out Sonic Adventure XBLA, the 2 top times for nearly all stages are -192 seconds!!!), and different hacks, so on and so forth. If it is a legitemate score, then that is just crazy! But like an IQ test it only shows how good he is doing on XBOX360 games, and not on every other system - including retro/classic games.

    I got over 2,000 game score - take that!

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