WOW: Cataclysm Debuts This Sunday

We won't be able to watch directly, since we live in Australia and all, but the latest TV spot for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is making its debut this Sunday, October 17, during the NFL match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings.

Which might not normally be that big of a deal, but Blizzard is promising that the commercial will feature a first look at cinematic footage from Cataclysm. As mentioned before, we may not be able to watch it directly, but you can bet your mortgage on said trailer being uploaded precisely everywhere seconds after it's shown.

In fact, we can't help wondering if the Network should be paying Activision Blizzard to let them show this trailer. We wrote one week ago that WoW recently smashed the 12 million subscriber mark - we wonder how many of those fans will check out the match just for this trailer?

But what about you guys? How are your hype levels for Blizzard's upcoming expansion?


    I'll probably end up playing Cataclysm for a bit, but I'm hoping that WoW won't sink it's claws in again. Which it shouldn't, given that I haven't played in nearly a year.

    While I'm sure there'll be lots of exciting new things to do, after playing WoW so much, it starts to lose it's lustre.

      Same here. I haven't played since... at least September last year.

      I'm what they would call a 'casual fag'. While I did get into raiding a bit, It was only ever a couple nights a week, with most of my WoW time being dedicated to stupid crap like collecting vanity pets or leveling an alt or going fishing. I never got into PvP either (I have League of Legends for that!)

      Cataclysm looks like it's offering a LOT for me! I'm especially looking forward to going through the new goblin experience, as well as all of the changes to old azeroth.

    i canned my cata CE preorder to get enslaved, thats exactly how excited i am, but if the dollar stays strong i will probably upgrade my account digitally, then i may lvl a goblin, but i aint touching end game again, heroics will be as far as i go

    Well, I am. Unabashedly. I dropped the game for a while, as well, but I finish high school in less than a fortnight, and my friends and I are going to go ahead and experience all the new content together. I'm looking forward to it.

    @The Cracks: "It's" = "it is".

    I have Foxtel and Fox sports and thats the channels it Shows on the WoW launcher, think they will show the ad if i watch it on the Australian Foxsports?

    I'm reasonably excited. Excited enough that I will buy it sometime after christmas, but not excited enough to fork out the extra dosh on release date for the collectors edition. ;)

    I haven't played in a while but the pull of playing a goblin and seeing azeroth relandscaped is what will get me.

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