X-Men Destiny Set To Turn Gamers Into New Mutants

Marvel and Activision today unveiled a new game coming to consoles next year that casts players as new mutant recruits.

The two companies are being pretty tight-lipped about X-Men Destiny, saying only that it will feature a "branching storyline that features a deep element of choice and gives players ultimate control of their destiny".

It doesn't sound like the game will have players controlling the New Mutants, but rather cast them as new mutants, all lowercase.

The game will be shown off at Activision's New York Comic-Con booth starting on Friday and running through to Sunday. Marvel will also be talking more about the original storyline for the game, which was written by X-Men: Legacy writer Mike Carey, during the Marvel Games Panel.

The game's official website is now live.


    ^ Agreed. This sounds very Fable/KotOR/Mass Effect-like which would be wonderful.

      Sounds more like Jedi Academy... and I'm O.K. with that.

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