Xenosaga Action Figure Comes Out Guns Blazing

Couldn't scrape together $US550 for that sweet KOS-MOS statue, Xenosaga fans? Maybe this $US50 figure is more to your liking.

It's a Figma figure, meaning that unlike the statue it's got joints and lines everywhere. Those joints and lines are there for a reason, though, as it's highly posable, the inclusion of a stand meaning only the strictest laws of physics must be adhered to when situating the thing.

The KOS-MOS ver.4 figure will run to around $US46, and you can grab one from Hobby Search.


    Sticky :P

    Nice fig.

    Nice to see it has two cleavage options, too...


    It's the Xenosaga Episode I costume too, my favourite.

      Oh. My mistake, it's Episode III.

      Still better than Episode II.

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