Yes, There's Another Pokemon Movie

There have been new Pokemon movies every year since 1998. And in 2011, there will be a new Pokemon movie.

The anime will be out mid 2011 and will be tied into Pokemon: Best Wish!, the current Pokemon anime running on Japanese television. The embedded link below has some footage of the upcoming flick.

Last year's Pokemon movie, Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler: Zoroark, was a hit, claiming the second spot at the Japanese box office.

Pokemon Movie [Official Site]


    I have great memories of watching the original Pokemon series on Cheeze TV back in 1999. Im sure if i watched it now, my thoughts on the show would change and i would realise its not that good.
    At least the kids like it.

      Man... Cheez TV was the SHIZ!!!

        Agreed, but it always sucked for me, I had to leave for school around 10 minutes to 8, so whichever show was on I would always miss the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!! I was always hoping for a rainy day which meant mum would have to drive me to school and we could leave later :)

      Trust me, it IS that good.

      It's actually even better thanks to some nostalgia value.

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