Yo Yo! Catherine's Opening

Scary sheep dreams and a sexy lady. Upcoming role-playing game "Catherine" looks to be anything but typical.

The title is being created by Persona developer Atlus and features anime from Studio 4C (Mind Game, Tekkon Kinkreet, etc). This isn't Studio 4C's first venture into gaming; the company has worked on titles like Rogue Galaxy and Lunar Knights.

Catherine's debut (and NSFW) trailer features the game's male protagonist, Vincent, asking a woman if she's heard that when people die in a dream, they die in real life. The woman replies that she had a dream in which she killed someone.

Catherine is out this winter in Japan on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Are we gettin it? Straya I mean, or even yoorupp?

    I have a 360 so...

    even if we dont, theres always import :> at least multiregion for psfreeeeeeeeeeeeee

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