You Can't Beat This Starcraft AI

Beating the computer at Starcraft can be tough enough as it is, but let university programmers at the AI and it becomes almost invincible.

The AIIDE 2010 StarCraft AI Competition, held last week at the University of California, pitted 28 teams against each other in a battle to produce the toughest artificial intelligence.

There were two kinds of matches played: AI vs AI, and AI vs human, with the highlight of the latter being games between the best bot programs and =DoGo=, a former World Cyber Games Starcraft player.

While =DoGo= was able to beat the AI programs going up against him, it was a close-run thing. The AI vs AI battles were just as interesting, especially UC Berkeley's new model for swarming the map with Hydralisk units.

The full report of the competition gets pretty technical, both in Starcraft terms and in AI terms, but if that's your thing you can read all about it in detail below.

StarCraft AI Competition Results [EIS, via Fidgit]


    Wow it's reassuring to know the human won.. for now..

    I betcha the AI is actually very beatable except that it gets a free handicap of 300% resources.

      I'm sure that's against the rules of the contest.

      I doubt it. If you see from the videos, it just shows their ability to micromanage very well. That mutalisk micro was a bit dodgy though, I would have liked to see some stacking instead of crazy looping.

    *Mutalisk, not Hydralisk

    This makes me want to play WiC again.

    The AI's micro is questionable. And the unit counters are imperfect. The AI is fine just spamming tonnes of units (what most human players would call playing blind) rather than adapting to changing army composition.

    Any decent player will stomp these AIs (for now)

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