Your New Aussie Gaming Hero

Your New Aussie Gaming Hero

Your New Aussie Gaming HeroYear 10 student, avid Asphalt 5 player and now World Cyber Games champion Charlie “Tenshii” Elliot secured Australia its first gaming Gold medal over the weekend, catapulting us to an equal 5th in the WCG’s rankings of gaming nations.

With Team Immunity being knocked out of the Counter-Strike 1.6 competition, and our FIFA 10 player losing a critical match against ToTsi to come 3rd in his group, things were looking grim. New Zealand’s Guitar Hero player Dylan “rudeism” Beck enjoyed more success, nearly grabbing a Bronze.

But WCG was far from a write-off yet, as nearby, global competitors gripped their mobiles in tense matches of racing game Asphalt 5. Aussie gamer Tenshii rose through the ranks, eventually reaching the final against a player widely considered the best. And indeed, Korean competitor KimBuJa was undefeated up until the final.

Your New Aussie Gaming Hero“All of the other competitors were saying how he’s the best, you just can’t beat him, because he had the best time, he had the best skill, everything,” Tenshii told the Sydney Morning Herald.

But win he did – and the WCG’s rankings, giving preference to those with Gold over anything else, now has Australia at equal 5th with Ukraine, Sweden and USA.

In other WCG news, Korean Starcraft player Flash defeated JaeDong for the second time in a month, stamping his authority on that rivalry and securing another Gold medal for his country. Ukrainian team NaVi took the prize for Counter-Strike 1.6.

South Korea remains the comfortable winner of the World Cyber Games, with Brazil, the UK, and Germany equal 2nd.

Your New Aussie Gaming Hero


  • The best thing about the SMH article is it states “Elliott has been playing Asphalt 5 since June and his win at the Australian finals earlier this year came as a shock to him since he only started playing it the day before the competition.”

    If that’s the case, that’s one insane skill learning curve!

    • Haha, I didn’t notice that. As much as they all talked up the Korean guy though, I doubt anyone really adheres to a strict practice regime for Asphalt 5 😛

    • I’ve never even heard of Asphalt 5. Come to think of it, there’s a bunch of games in the WCG that I’ve never heard of (What the heck is ‘Carom 3D’ and ‘Lost Saga’?)

      I’m a bit iffy of the games selection for WCG. Why are there THREE racing games, but only 1 fighting game (discounting the fact that Street Fighter IV is arguably more competitive than Tekken anyway). I’ve never really been for competitive play of sports and racing games, mostly because they are boring to watch. Why watch someone play Fifa 10 when you can just watch… actual soccer?

      Quake Wars seems like a bit of an odd choice as well, surely Battlefield or Modern Warfare is a better team-based title, and Quake 3 is a better DM title?

      A perfect WCG (IMO) would see the racing and sports games removed, along with Quake Wars and these titles no-one has heard of, and replaced with Quake 3/Unreal Tournament 2004, Team Fortress 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty 4 and Starcraft II.

      This is just my opinion by the way, feel free to tell me why I’m wrong!

  • My partner and I played against this kid in Sydney, unless I’m going crazy, and he was bloody ridiculous. Partner got seeded against him in the first round and got obliterated. Congrats, tenshii!

  • methinks team immunity need to change their name..

    good effort though, Tenshii.

    Whats better is that we sit above USA on the ladder, which is always a good thing, even if they do have the same number of medals as us. :p

    Also, good to see the Koreans Zerg-Rushing medals now too. lol

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