Your New Aussie Gaming Hero

Year 10 student, avid Asphalt 5 player and now World Cyber Games champion Charlie “Tenshii” Elliot secured Australia its first gaming Gold medal over the weekend, catapulting us to an equal 5th in the WCG’s rankings of gaming nations.

With Team Immunity being knocked out of the Counter-Strike 1.6 competition, and our FIFA 10 player losing a critical match against ToTsi to come 3rd in his group, things were looking grim. New Zealand’s Guitar Hero player Dylan “rudeism” Beck enjoyed more success, nearly grabbing a Bronze.

But WCG was far from a write-off yet, as nearby, global competitors gripped their mobiles in tense matches of racing game Asphalt 5. Aussie gamer Tenshii rose through the ranks, eventually reaching the final against a player widely considered the best. And indeed, Korean competitor KimBuJa was undefeated up until the final.

“All of the other competitors were saying how he’s the best, you just can’t beat him, because he had the best time, he had the best skill, everything,” Tenshii told the Sydney Morning Herald.

But win he did – and the WCG’s rankings, giving preference to those with Gold over anything else, now has Australia at equal 5th with Ukraine, Sweden and USA.

In other WCG news, Korean Starcraft player Flash defeated JaeDong for the second time in a month, stamping his authority on that rivalry and securing another Gold medal for his country. Ukrainian team NaVi took the prize for Counter-Strike 1.6.

South Korea remains the comfortable winner of the World Cyber Games, with Brazil, the UK, and Germany equal 2nd.

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