You're Not The Only One Surviving Those Fallout: New Vegas Bugs

Actor/rapper Ice-T's right there with you. Of course this was pre-patch... right? As seen on FINALLEVEL's Twitter.


    Too much talking?

    Reminds me of a mate who loved fallout but didn't want to play Mass Effect because there was 'too much reading'. I told him that he could just turn off subtitles, then there wouldn't be any.

    He probably does not even play it on PC. PC has mods, he could download the sex related mods if he wanted.

      And on the PC, the game loads fast as hell. If anyone can afford a good gaming PC (possibly a bling-encrusted one) I'd expect Ice T to be able to

        this. I have very low loading times.
        But needless to say, I doubt Ice-T uses a computer for gaming. :(
        I think it's better that the consoles have a harder time keeping up :P

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