100 Million Copies Of FIFA!

The FIFA franchise has come a long way in recent years. It always sold through the nose, but it has now become the game of choice for the soccer connoisseur, displacing the Pro Evo franchise and sending sales through the roof. This, and we suspect the rising popularity of soccer in new regions has contributed to the FIFA franchise selling its 100 millionth copy.

It's a fair old number. If you need a point of reference, that's more than Final Fantasy, GTA, Madden and Zelda. It's almost double the lifetime sales of the Pro Evolution franchise.

Apparently FIFA 11 is also riding World Cup fever to higher sales this year, pushing 20 per cent more units compared to last year's sales.

So, good news for EA, but the good news for consumers is that for the first time Australians can download the FIFA Ultimate Team online mode for free.

"Few video game franchises ever reach the 100 million units mark and we have millions of fans around the world to thank for helping us to this milestone," said Matt Bilbey, vice president of football, EA Sports. “It is a wonderful tribute to all of these fans playing FIFA 11 that our most popular and played DLC is now available for the first time ever for free.”

Any FIFA fans in here? Personally I think FIFA 11 slowed things down just a smidgeon too much over FIFA 10, but I've always been a huge fan of the series, especially in recent years. Plus, it's the only venue where my beloved Glasgow Rangers have a chance of winning the Champion's League!


    FIFA truly is a classic game series. I remember playing FIFA 99 on my PC back in the day and to compare that to what is on offer today is just incredible.

    Does anyone know when the franchise started?

    rangers aren't good enough to regularly beat celtic, let alone anyone in the champions league


      You better run!

        For 200 I can have him tagged. For 350 I can have him caught. For 600 I can have him disposed. For 800 I can have him cleaned, neutered and primped.

          pfft - for $20 i can get him a Mc Donalds family box - NOW THAT'S VALUE!

    You know what would have been better?

    If Dr. Evil had announced the number...

    Big FIFA fan here. I think would be better if it was a tad slower (that being said, I only play with the better teams, so playing with lower skilled [slower] teams would probably be perfect)

    Custom chants are the big thing for me, add a lot to the game.

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