A Gears Of War That's 'Not What You're Expecting' Teased

Gears of War fans will want to tune into next month's Spike TV Video Game Awards, when something new, something Gears of War related will be shown for the first time.

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says the VGAs will be "showing off some new Gears of War gameplay" while also guaranteeing the following: "It's awesome. You're gonna love it. It's not what you're expecting."

Gears of War creators Epic Games are rumoured to be creating an unspecified product in the Xbox 360 series that features some level of Kinect control. But since we're already expecting that, according to Cliff's rules, it must be something else. Plus, Cliff is sitting down during the Gears teaser, all but ruling out Kinect controls. Or vice versa.

When will we know for sure? When the Spike TV VGAs airs next month, December 11.

Gears of War Teaser [GameTrailers]


    I going to call this right now. Chest high walls cover gameplay gone and in it's place: Devil May Cry/Bayonetta inspired acrobatics! Do it Epic! You know you want to!!!

    If we're talking something big, it'll be something like Kinect controlled RTS, if it's just the usual pre-announcement hype, it'll probably end up being something like controlling which way you cut someone in half with your lancer.

      So like Gears of War Wars?

    Cover based shooting shooting is replaced by.... point and click adventure..Myst style

    Cashing in on the cooking craze at the moment, Valve will be releasing the long awaiting sister to Cooking Mama, Cooking Marcus!

    Learn how to make all your favorites like:
    Char grilled steak
    Char grilled steak in beer
    Beer in char grilled steak
    Locust Burgers
    Testosterone Shakes
    400 Babies!

      OH! Or it's:


      That's right, kids! Curb stomp your way through Locust infestation and over 40 fist-bangin' tracks from all your favorite techno artists!


      Anyone else remember "Cooking With Scorpion"? It was an unlockable in one of the Mortal Kombat 'krypts', though I forget which game.. I won't spoil the gag here, though.


    I know what they're up to. It will be exactly what you were expecting before you were told it's not what you're expecting, which led you to change your expectations thus rendering what you once expected not what you now expect.

    Online Multiplayer that works?

    Sorry, I think that's too high of an expectation.

    gears of war 3 will feature colours other than red and brown! although screen shots have shown green, it's now going to have yellow aswell!!! however it's a very dark shade of yellow, which looks quite alot like brown...

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