A Glimpse At Bioware's Next Game

The developers behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age plan to show off their next big game during this year's SpikeTV Awards, but here's an incredibly short glimpse of it.

We don't know what it is either, but it certainly looks like a modern or semi futuristic shooter. Perhaps it's going to blend shooter with role-playing game a bit like Mass Effect 2 is.

Spike TV's Video Game Awards, which will air live on December 11 at 8pm Pacific (3pm AEDT), will also give viewers a preview of Batman: Arkham City, we're told. Stay tuned and until then, let's figure out what this Bioware game is.


    The video says isn't not available in this country. Any other aussies getting the error?

    Military Shooter? Oh for f***'s sake.

    The whole "gritty military shooter" thing needs to f*** off and die.

      lol this coming from the guy named after the notorious PMC outfit.

        PMC outfit? Nope, I think you're wrong there buddy. Move along


          I was just pointing out the irony

    Defiantly Mass Effect Related. That is very close resemblance to the inscisor Sniper Rifle in ME2.

    The Mass Effect 2 twitter let off two cryptic images here: http://yfrog.com/7bj78p http://yfrog.com/b737bp

    Roughly translated the first image says image says -128.5°F. The second image says 55.845.

    No i am not going to pretend i found out what the answers mean. This is taken from Jarrod over at PALGN but how he found this out is phenomenal:

    Everything points to the Planet in ME2 known as Aequitas.

    First clue: 55.845, the atomic mass of iron. Aequitas is known for its 'iron canyons'.
    Second clue: -128.5°F, or -89.1°C. Aequitas has surface temperature of −89 °C.

    I was kind of hoping it was for a good Alpha Protocol.

    Yes the net is a buzz with decoding the QR codes, screenshot and teaser. Wonderfully frustrating marketing by BioWare!

    PS Mark was I the first to email you guys about this at 3 or 4am lol? TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN, man

      Hahahaha! Yeah, I got it. Was about to start writing up the post when I saw that the US had already covered it.

    It doesn't make much sense for BioWare to release a game which is so similar in tone and setting as Mass Effect. I'm guessing this will be a spin-off.

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