A Look At The Old Republic's Player-Versus-Player Warzones

Republic and Imperial forces clash on the world of Alderaan over control of the planet's massive planetary defence cannon in this first detailed look at organised player-versus-player in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We've seen plenty of cooperative multiplayer footage from The Old Republic, but the core of the story is the conflict between the Republic and Imperial forces, and that conflict comes to a head in the game's PVP Warzones.

Warzones are objective-based arena battlegrounds where both sides struggle to complete goals and win a particular scenario. In the case of Alderaan, the two forces struggle to take control of a weapon capable of wiping out an enemy fleet. Players attempt to deplete the shields of their enemies' transport ship, forcing a retreat. Teams need to work together to control the defence system's artillery in order to get the job done and emerge victorious.

Bioware will reveal more about the Warzone experience in the near future. For now, study this video and start formulating strategies.

Warzone Video [Knights of the Old Republic]


    Add in some easy CPU rebel and imperial minions and this could be like DOTA.

    There is a serious lack of info from Bioware about how things work in the game. The forums are clogged with threads of PvE vs PvP and l337 raiders vs casuals. Putting out more info will help alleviate this. I would rather hear about game mechanics and things to do with Playing the game and not time line and Lore info.

    that looks...... dull

    Not one Wookie? No matter.

    I cry every time I see something from this AMAZING game that I am NEVER going to play...*sob*

    Nice to hear no discrimination's left in the Star Wars world even when taking out a "gun baddery", with english accents for the Imperials and american accents for the Rebels.

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