A PS3 Game For Gamblers

Those looking to drop some money on pachinko can head to their neighbourhood parlour in the hope of winning some extra scratch. Those looking to spend ¥7000 ($85) and win nothing but satisfaction, get this.

CR Neon Genesis Evangelion are a series of pachinko games based on, of course, the popular Japanese franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion.

CR Evangelion ~ The Gospel's Beginning ~ was released in Japan earlier this year. Players often pick up video game versions of their favourite pachinko machines in hopes of improving their game and translating those skills into bigger winnings - much for the same reasons Western gamblers play video game versions of Vegas-type games.

However, games like this even have game modes to help players improve. Whether they actually do, well, that's up to Lady Luck.


    lol, don't like to gamble but i find pachinko interesting for some reason. :P

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