A Publisher Doesn’t Want To Sell $US60 Games Any More

A Publisher Doesn’t Want To Sell $US60 Games Any More
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Games now cost between $US50 and US60. That’s a lot of money for something that in many cases is done with after 4-6 hours. It’s nice to see publishers THQ looking at whether that’s the right way to do business.

“What we’re thinking about the business is we’re turning it on its head a little bit,” THQ boss Brian Farrell says. “It’s not, ‘how high a price can we get’, but ‘how many users’.”

“When we launched [MX vs ATV]at $US59.99, we’d do some units, and then when we brought the price down to the mass market-friendly price of $US39.99, it would just pop,” he continues. “So the thinking this time is, let’s initially launch at $US39.99 – it’s a very robust game, very high quality, so this is not about trying to get a secondary title out.”

“It’s an AAA title, at that price point, but then with a series of DLC so people can extend their experience. We think this is the future of gaming. We think that’s the way games are gonna go in the long term.”

Makes sense. Don’t charge people $US60 per game to recoup costs: charge them less and get it back on the games they want to play for the amount of time they want to play them.

THQ’s Farrell: ‘Future Of Gaming’ In Mass-Market Retail Prices, More DLC Sales [Gamasutra]


  • Please!

    If you knock 1/3 off the price of current quality/standard games and then supplement that larger market with (fairly priced) DLC, everyone wins.

    It is getting a bit excessive to pay $100 retail for a 5-8 hour campaign in games – as long as this isn’t a publicity thing only, someone give THQ a medal.

    • (I don’t think THQ would do this but) I can imagine some publishers just producing a 2/3 quality/ content game expecting u to buy DLC to get the full exp.

    • This is why its good to have friends in america, tghey can gift you the overpriced discriminatory games and you can return the favour with the games that aren’t overpriced. The balance sheet is even, you get the games you want and you get to give regional discrimination the finger, everyone wins (well everyone but greedy arseholes who jack up the prices for other countries)

    • Yeah, I had to do a double-take when I saw it was THQ saying this.

      Aliasalpha: The only ones who win are the greedy publishers, who are still succeeding in getting your money. Just less of it.

  • The length of single player campaigns has shrunk to single digits and we pay extra for the game not to be over so soon via DLC.. I’d imagine most publishers love that we’re dumb enough to pay more for less.

  • -insert obligatory comment about how 50-60 USD is actually CHEAP for an Aussie gamer-

    I remember when Capcom decided to release Dead Rising 2 for 40 bucks on Steam. That was a good day.

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