A Silver UFO Hovers Quietly In The Air Over A Turkish City

Filled with the sound of morning birdsong, this video of a UFO over Turkey taken last week is as much a slice of Turkish city life as it is a record of possible alien incursion.

I like the way you can hear what sounds like somebody chopping vegetables in the background - I think this was taken out a kitchen window.

[via Real UFOs]


    I didn't have the sound turned on (at work) so maybe I missed something, but I have a couple of niggling questions (skeptic? me?!)

    1. How did they know to point the camera at the exact spot where the "craft" comes to a stop? How did they know to be filming out the window in the first place?

    2. Why are all videos and photos of "UFOs" so grainy and hard to see what's going on? Any hollywood special effects house could create a convincing, realistic-looking spacecraft... why does "grainy and hard-to-see" somehow mean "believable"?

      1. because it was hovering not moving
      2. zooming in screws up the auto focus. tripod and manual focus are needed

      number 1: he obvioulsy saw the UFO then went and grabbed the camera.

      number 2: the closest camera neary was probably a camera on his phone, which tend to have shocking quality, especially when zoomed in so much.


        *more* precise anal probing??!! sign me up. i for one welcome our alien overlords!


        'Tis true that UFO does not necessarily mean extraterrestrial vehicle. UFO only means unidentified flying object. We should use the term ETV to designate ET craft. But the term UFO has been used so many times to mean ETV that actually by now I'm afraid the term UFO has morphed into another definition. This happens. Mistakes that persist long often evolve into a new established order of things.

    Ha! If it was taken through a kitchen window, its probably the reflection off of the glass from something behind the viewer!

    I dig this stuff, I wonder what it was.

    That looks to me like it's a reflection of a ceiling light... I live in a house made in the late eighties and the lights have that kind of glass shade over them. I bet if you got it at the right angle with the right light, it might look deceptively like a UFO on a fuzzy old camera.

      I think Justin is 100% correct on this one. Either that, or Bobby Ko-tick's dream of supplying his services to an invading alien race has just come true (see my comments for this article: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2010/11/activision-call-of-duty-boxed-copies-will-never-have-subscriptions/).

        ummm...why does that link go to a completely wrong article? I'll try that again:


    And this involves video games? Lol, It's still pretty cool..

    Those wacky government weather balloons. Where WON'T they go?

    Launch trailer for the new XCOM?

    Turkey gets all the action, apparently this was independently studied and not debunked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTifnoYluSs

    So in a time when we have access to digital video cameras that can film quality better than the human eye can perceive it and cost next to nothing why are all ufo vids still grainy and blurry as fuck? not to mention the fact we have the technology to remove those marks to brighten the quality

      Good point: Every household in the backwater Turkey has film-grade digital cameras with state-of-the-art lenses. Hoax!

      @Prof. Ake. you don't really have a clue about video cameras do you?

    It's an unwritten law that all UFO images must be grainy and shit quality. Just good enough to see the saucer shape, but too poor to discern anything meaningful.

    It's a corollary of that other law which states that during a seance/summoning/cold reading, your dead loved ones will contact the spirit medium to say something trivial like "I love you", and never anything substantial like "The will's behind the bookcase"

    But seriously. There's no such thing as UFOs. Damn conspiracy theorists.

    Why is it that they are always disc shaped (well not always but 99% of the time)? I'm skeptical by nature, and that just doesn't look like anything to me. You notice when he zooms out there is a light that looks pretty much exacly like the 'ufo'.

    I call BS :P

    Looks like a street lamp through fog to me. There is even another street lamp in the video to compare it to.

    When he zooms out, there's a light there that looks very similar to the "UFO". Probably just a reflection off the lens.


    Someone should market a UFO video camera, specifically designed to record UFOs.

    One: It should have state of the art zoom technology, with exquisite resolution.

    Two: It should be composed of ceramic moving parts and powered by a wind up ceramic spring that cannot be interfered with by alien rays/beams/whatnot that have discombobulated movie cameras in the past.

    Three: It should have a computerized aperture that detects light intensity and guards against overexposure.

    Caveat: Inventors of such a camera may be abducted and probed and have portions of their minds erased by ET. ET is on the case and remote viewing earthling wiseguys.

    I hate it when people have to have an explanation of what a footage of a UFO really is all the f'n time. Face the facts that we are not the only beings that exist in this infinite universe. INFINITE. Imagine the possibilities?

    Come on, firstly, he wasn't inside cause when he zoomed out at one point, it was clear that he was in the backyard - Probably his porch which will explain the slight reverb in his voice.

    Secondly, look how much he zoomed in. How on earth is that a reflection? Are you dumb?

    I'm convinced that this is not a hoax and I'm sure there are a few dozen out there that aren't.

    alright for all you nay sayers out there...

    A)the thought of and endless boundless universe ever growing with no end in sight..and we're the only living species in said universe makes me wanna kill a kitten..these are the same closed minded people that are genetic offsprings of the people that SWORE the world was flat.

    B)"why only saucers?" actualy there have been MANY different types of UFO's recorded through out history..cigar shaped ones..ones that look like balls..hell even "floating people" are considered as paranormal UFO's. basicaly theres about 1,000 different shapes reported to be ufo's

    C)"why grainy picture?" no, your absolutely right "hey! you up there in the floating advanced technology..can you hold on a sec so i can run down the the store and blow my life savings on a HD/3D/Blue Ray/10 billion zoom/Wii capadible camera??"


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