A Tale Of Two Call Of Duty Singers

Enimen's "Won't Back Down" was the soundtrack to Black Ops' American trailer. While the hip-hop star has a following in The Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese version gets homegrown talent.

Namie Amuro's "ROCK U" scores the game's Japanese television ads. The Okinawa-born Amuro debuted in the early 1990s as part of the pop group Super Monkey's, but went solo by the middle of the decade and became one of the country's biggest popstars with tracks like "Don't Wanna Cry".

Besides Call of Duty, she shills things like Coke and shampoo on Japanese TV!

Enimen recorded "Won't Back Down" with Pink for his hit album Recovery.



    Lol i thought maybe a typo but nope its wrong here twice.

    EMINEM guys!

    Sorry Japan, but that song does not suit Black Ops. How can a funky house song feed the vibe of black operations? Poor song choice imo, but then again, the Japanese to have VERY different tastes to us 'westerners'...

    That song was on Ravex's album about a year ago.

    It's actually Ravex's track feat. Namie Amuro. :p

    Also: "was THE soundtrack"?

    I think someone doesn't understand what a soundtrack is... the rap song and the J-pop song are the 'end themes', or even just 'themes' if you want.

    Alternatively, you could say they were 'ON' the soundtrack.

    At no point are they actually THE soundtrack though. Enimen (Enema?) would not be proud...

    As much as ROCK U does not suit the game, all won't back down did was give me a heck of a headache. I normally sit through credits for a game but that song made it excruciatingly difficult to do so (yes, I'm a hater of that genre of music).

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