A Visual Guide To The Racing Genre

Whether you feel the need for speed or the need to make the car you're driving sounds as close to the real thing as possible, The Kotaku Genre Guide to Racing Games has you covered.

We've covered role-playing games, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games in our ongoing genre guide series, so naturally the next step is racing. Well, naturally in a month that sees the release of both a new Need for Speed and a new Gran Turismo title at least. Seems like a good time for a visual history of racing games to me.

Take a tour around this giant homage to the racing genre. Marvel at it's focus primarily on automobile racing, which I decided to hone in one to keep from going completely insane. Enjoy the giant, 18-entry checkerboard time line. Imagine how much fun it was to put that together. Feel free to download it, print it out, and hang it on your fridge with the pizza coupons and the crayon drawings. Consider it a gift.

Click here to download the full-sized image.


    Forza under "semi-simulation" next to PGR? Instant fail.

      There is definitely a difference to how each handles.

      PGR>>>>>>>>>>>>>Forza>>>>Gran Turismo

      I see it as thus. Feel free to correct me, its just based on my experience playing them.

    Gran Turismo, simulation
    Forza, semi-simulation

    They should both be in the same category. Neither are really simulation games either, those are things like GTR.

    No Grid, Dirt or F2010? I guess someone is paying to keep codemaster games out of it.

    the poster missed two of the best games for their time, Iron Man 4x4 and Stunts (arguably the best racer for its time, and not much has come close since with track editing).

      +1 about Stunts. The sheer amont of fun you could have making your own track has only been rivalled in the 21st century by Trackmania.
      Stunts = win!

    I'll be frank.
    The best game in that poster is Uniracers.

    This was very poorly investigated and constructed racing guide. Very poor indeed.

    You have some pretty mediocre titles under the respected racing genre which could have been used to show off better, well made and more fun games.

    Please replace them with these EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:

    Car Combat: Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8
    Kart: Sonic and Sega All Stars, Crash Team Racing
    Arcade: Daytona USA

    Dear Kotaku,

    In light of you categorization of Forza as "Semi-Sim" I humbly request you place the crack cocaine smoking paraphernalia upon the table, and slowly back away from your PC.

    Best Regards.

    But in all seriousness, wtf? How is Forza not a sim, yes with all assists on it is very approachable and newb friendly sim, but with all assists off it is fairly brutally sim like.

    Seriously, having spent a fair amount of time on race tracks in my own car, and being able to drive same said car in Forza (even with the same mods)I can say they feel about as similar as you could really expect from anything that isn't on a hydraulic rig (i'd love to try that one they trotted out at E3 etc.)

    Also about to receive my Fanatec 911 Turbo S wheel, and I think that will make it feel a lot more real again.

    So yeah, why is Forza not as much of a sim as GT5 again?

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