A Wildgoose Chase

"David Wildgoose, wherefore art thou?" That was the cry. "I'll go and find out," was my retort.

Turns out he was sat in his boxers playing Minecraft, but now he has a new shiny job and he wants to tell you about it.

Where the hell are you Goose? I'm right here, my kilt-wearing friend. Here just happens to be the office of nextmedia where I'm barely a few weeks into a new job overseeing Australia's two finest games magazines, HYPER and PC PowerPlay. When I left Kotaku I took a lengthy break that involved playing Minecraft, waking up at 2pm, writing (at last count) just over 15,000 words of a novel, playing more Minecraft and holidaying in Europe. It was awesome. Especially the Minecraft bits.

Out of the blue, I took a phone call from the head of nextmedia who was looking to hire a senior editor on their games mags. HYPER and PCPP are close to my heart, after all I had worked on both in various guises over the years dating right back to their launches. The opportunity to sit at the helm of both titles was one I could hardly refuse. Also, the bills had been piling up.

What the hell are you doing Goose? I just told you. I'm playing Minecraft. Oh, you mean my new job? Being "group editor" basically means being an editor twice over. As you know from your magazine days, an editor plans out each issue and then manages a team of staff writers, designers and contributors to execute it. I now do that twice a month.

That's just the print side of things though. The other part of my job is to re-launch the HYPER and PCPP websites, something you'll see happening early next year.

And I'm still writing that novel.

When the hell can we read your stuff Goose? I came in partway through issues of both mags, so factor that in and allow for the long lead times of the print medium and... let's see... carry the two... around August 2012, by my calculations.

Actually, my first issues - that is, those I've worked on from start to finish - will be hitting the newsstand in very early January. Regular readers will notice a few changes, several tweaks and at least one major overhaul in each publication - hopefully all for the best! The plan is to have a print edition and an online edition of each magazine that complement each other. Print and online have different strengths and weaknesses; the idea being that if you read both, you get the best of both worlds.

Personally, right now I'm working on the cover story for HYPER 208. It's on a game I'm hugely excited about, but unfortunately I can't tell you what it is. I'll give you a clue though: it's not Minecraft.


    Great to hear David! PC Powerplay has been one of the only print magazines that I still occasionally buy, it's great stuff!

    And if you are looking for contributors, you always have your loyal kotakuites to help out!

    So the ghost of David Wildgoose returns to hunt hyper again?

    woot the goose is back in charge of hyper and PCPP!

    hey that's so awesome!
    It's so good to hear from old Goosey again!

    Awesome about the new job and a very big congrats!

    ...i think i should have a look at this minecraft... i have been putting it off for far too long it would seem..

      I was like you but am really enjoying ther game. It is only about $15 so won't break the bank either... and if you ever set up multiplayer i'm in mate!

      No don't do it... Especially if you have other games you need to play. It's just far too addictive.

    Awesome, two thumbs up! :)

    Come on, David, what's the cover game you're looking forward to so much?

    Far Cry 3? It's Far Cry 3, isn't? Yeah, it must be Far Cry 3.

      Funny, I would've thought it would've been something Deus Ex related.....

      Looking forward to reading your new stuff Goose!

    woo! the Gooseman lives! Great to have some updates! Hope you pop in regularly to have a little catch up! We miss you! Of course we love Mark, but you'll always have a soft spot in our hearts ;)

      I feel like we're going out and we've bumped into your ex-girlfriend on the street and everything is all silent and awkward.

        LOL. I'm surprised Chuloopa didn't get all excited and start asking about a 4some ;)

          I would say at the very least the 'letters to the editor' in those two magazines are about to get a whole lot more suggestive!

        Haha call of the day. I like it when games are delayed and people comment on it, it's like the 5 stages of grieving.


    So glad to hear from you and that all is going amazingly well for you!

    And all this time I thought you were dismissed for that threesome with Loops and Q-bo? Learn a new thing every day!

    ...I'm gonna take a guess his cover piece is on the new Deus Ex.

    He's alive! He's in the Old West, but he's alive!

    Sorry, had to do it.

    Awesome news, Goose. I might even have to check out a gaming magazine in the future (been many, many years since the last one).

    Nice to hear from the Goose, again. Best of luck with the new job - and the Minecraft.

    back to the future for hyper. no more ghost of david wildgoose. do like.

    Wildgoose Chase was the headline on the PCPP editorial when they announced he was coming too.

    Also, isn't that picture more accurately described as wild geese?

      It's a wildgoose chase, because one is 'chasing' the other.

        Sometimes I crack myself up.

          Ooooh, oooooooooooooooooohhhh, I get it. That is rather clever (/I'm really slow).

          Too bad I'm imagining that someone's driving down that road, taking a picture from their phone just before they run them over.

          Ok. It is almost 1am and I will be up in 5 hours for work. Right now this is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep by this is super funny.

          The best jokes are the ones you laugh at while everyone just looks at you. That is how you know you made it!

    He's not exaggerating how addictive Minecraft is, speaking of which...

    The mags couldn't be in better hands. nice one Wildbeast.

    Heh - The Goose is back in Redfern. Who'da thunk it? Hopefully you get the chance to do some of those articles you'd been itching to write. And what's the novel on, by the way?

      Actually next media is in St leonards (next to Nth Sydney) now. No more Redfern for the Goose.

    Hopefully he can turn around Hyper. It's been kind of crappy and soulless for the past few months now. The new guys have no charm to them. The thing feels like a desperate Game Informer rip-off. It never had to rip-off anything in the past. It was just naturally awesome.

      I agree, it was really just treading water so hopefully Mr. Goose can bring it back to life. I wish him luck, and success.

      Also, when will people stop using 'wherefore' as 'where' when it really means 'why'? Juliet was all "why did it have to be Romeo I fell in love with", not "where the hell is Romeo".

        So it was meant to be:
        "why are you Romeo"?

        That doesn't seem right.

          The next line is: "Deny thy father and refuse thy name".
          It's like I said before, she's asking herself why it had to be Romeo, of House Montague, her House's enemies that she fell in love with.


          He's right though. It means "why Romeo?" of all people did I fall in love with. Cos the families hate each other. SP did a lot of funky thinks with English.

    Woo your back with PCPP HUZZAH! been buying that for something liek 12 years. Now get Anthony Fordham back too please.
    Yet another overhaul for the site, wow really. to acheive what? The online stuff to compliment PCPP lasted a week and was very weak sauce to boot.
    Your plans?

    great, I love PC Power Play!

    there is just one thing you can do for me: just read the magazine ONCE before it's released. there are always so many horrible and obvious mistakes in these tech related mags!

    and I don't just mean typos.

    wrong pictures, wrong BODY of an article. wrong summaries or review scores on the wrong item.

    please? :)

    Can I put in a request to Goose? More hardware reviews and rediculously over powered rigs in PC power play please!

    Agreed! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Hyper could do with the same treatment.

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