After Toy Story, Disney Wants To Tell A Video Game Story

A few years back, animation giants Pixar were working on a movie called "Joe Jump", the tale of an outdated video game character who's able to find his way into new titles. It had been presumed scrap, but no, it's not!

A report on the LA Times says that the film now has a new name - Reboot Ralph - and is very much alive, forming part of Disney's upcoming slate of animated feature films alongside a Winnie The Pooh flick.

This follows on from a report earlier in the year by Variety, which reckons Reboot Ralph will be a 3D cartoon and will be out on March 22, 2013.

There's practically nothing else known about the project other than that, so don't bother asking who's starring, what Joe/Ralph looks like or how movie studios are able to lock down dates so far in advance.

Disney Animation is closing the book on fairy tales [LA Times]


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