Age Of Empires III Is 10 Cents

Got a dime? Today's Games For Windows Live deal is a high-value target: Age of Empires III is just 10 cents. That's for today only, so run go get it while you can.


    "Digital Rights Management Disclosure. This software uses digital rights management software (“DRM”). DRM may limit the number of times you are permitted to install this software on a computer and/or the number of computers to which you may install the software. To function properly, DRM downloads certain data and files to your computer, which may or may not be uninstalled when you uninstall the software. "

    Wow, that's not vague or anything. Who knows what that gives Microsoft the right to do. Pass.

    Looks like it's not available in OZ.

      It won't let Australians buy through the website but it let me buy it from the GfW client.

        I'm not willing to install the client just to buy AoE. That being said, do you need the client to play it anyway? Like Steam?

        Hopefully it will still be available when I get home this afternoon.

        I was also able to get it through the Client. Just make sure you sign up with an Australian account, the link in the post made me sign up for a US account and that ran me into credit card issues.

    Note: It's not just $0.10, if you purchase it, there will be a $2 (I assume it's an additional billing charge) on top of it. $2.1 is still a bargain for this game.

    It does work, I bought it. You just need to make sure you download the client first.

    Also, you can use any microsoft points you may have on your live account. That will save you any transaction fees on your CC. :)

    10 microsoft points = awesome
    Inability to play a game i've downloaded = fail

    From games for windows site:

    Due to the overwhelming success of the Age of Empires III sale, we temporarily ran out of keys to unlock the game during the sale. If you purchased the game during the sales period, you will get a key in the next week. When new keys are added to the system you will be auto-assigned a key. There is no need to call support or take any other action from your end. We will post information on the forums and on the website when the keys are available and the next time you click 'View Game Keys' for the game you should be assigned one.

    You will need to have the Games for Windows Marketplace client installed.

    Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the game."

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