Alan Wake Coming To XBL Games On Demand

Alan Wake, which released May 18, arrives on the Xbox Live Marketplace's Games on Demand service six months later.

Major Nelson listed Alan Wake in his most recent update; it'll get here Nov. 23. A price wasn't listed in North America but MCV reports it'll be £19.99 in the U.K.; those who balked at it full price might be seeing it for a third of that.

MCV notes, as we all know, that major Games On Demand listings typically don't happen until a year after the game's retail release. This being an Xbox 360 exclusive published by Microsoft Game Studios may have much to do with the shortened time.

Alan Wake coming to Games on Demand [MCV]


    ...was going to get it today from ozgameshop, but now I'll have to wait and see how this plays out :o

      Don't hold your breath. They are often over priced in the Games on Demand service.

      I still remember how they tried to sell BioShock and Mass Effect a year back (I think) for $100 when new retail copies were selling for $20, even less.

        Yeah - what he said - don't hold your breath.

        Also, i still ahve to laugh at the service being called "Games on Demand" when most games take ages to come out, if at all..

    I wonder if anyone actually buys stuff from Games on Demand - I've never seen a title on there priced for less than in the store

    PC version please!

    Well, ok, I can dream :)

    will the games on demand version come with free code to download first DLC pack that New retail copys come with?

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