Alright Nintendo, Time To 'Fess Up

Eagle-eyed Nintendo site Vooks has noticed that three as yet unnamed Nintendo games have recently been classified under the names '001', '002', and '003'. But what could these games be?

One of the games classification review states that game '001' has "user generated content" that "may change game play", which confirms that the game may have some kind of online component. Game '003' suggests that the gaming experience may change online.

So what could they be? Common sense suggests they may be 3DS games - but why so secretive? We're hoping for Pikmin 3 personally - what about you?

Unknown Nintendo Games Classified In Australia [Vooks]


    I think they're genetically engineering Pokemon - it's the only possible reason they would be using ascending numerical values...

      I agree, and wholeheartedly support Nintendo in this endeavor. I shall be a happy man when i can purchase a real life bulbasaur for a reasonable price.

        I want a Scyther... He'd be useless in Pokemon battles, but he would creep girls out and make AWESOME Sushi!

        Charmander! I want a charmander! :D He'll be awesome as he is and as charmeleon but charizard will be the most awesome, I'd get to fly with him all over the world. A man can dream right? :)

    Yeah I saw this earlier, intriguing. Pikmin 3 sounds pretty sweet to me.

    Possibly more so intriguing (and speaking of Nintendo)... whatever happened to that Nintendo interview with which us folk delivered some questions? Did I just miss it?

      Still waiting...

        On this topic, have the Microsoft questions been sent off yet?

          Yep. I'm taking bets on whose answers we'll see first!

            I'll bet half my pride on Microsoft responding first, but not with anything meaningful :P

    Wii Adventures
    Wii Fitness Evolved

      I don't doubt they are casual games -sigh-.

    Sounds like six prequels to GoldenEye: 007.

    1 Dec 2010: Official Nintendo Press Release

    Due to snooping about by Kotaku yesterday, Nintendo would like to announce that we are releasing a new series of Pokemon games. 150 odd games. Each will be the same game, played with a different pokemon main character. The game will not load until you have proven you own at least 10 of these games, and the game cannot be beaten without having played through all 150.

    "User generated content"? I'm thinking (and hoping) Advance Wars 3DS, seeing as you could make your own maps in the last game.

    Can we has a decent Zelda game for Wii? Not that the flying sword thing hasn't got my attention, but I'd like for them to beat the yard sticks that are Ocarina and Majora's. Is it too much to ask?

    Online component? Possibly a new Animal Crossing? Have they announced one of those for the 3DS yet?

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