And The Best LunchTimeWaster Ever Is...



    LOVED that game! XD

    Meat Boy was good, but RUA was AMAZING!

      you know what else is nice? mi goreng.

    Right at this moment though, the best lunchtime time waster (even day waster) for me is watching the internet over the release of GT5.

    With all the youtube videos slowly popping, it passes the day quickly. The latest rumours is that Europe (perhaps it will included us) could and might be getting it as early as 24th November which came from a very recently printed pamphlet that is being used at stores that have demo kiosks of the game running.!

      Hear hear!

    Robot Unicorn Attack was okay, but really, it's nothing more than a gimmick at best.

    Meat Boy is great, but I've not touched it since playing Super Meat Boy.

    Canabalt should hopefully be a clear winner

      If Robot Unicorn didn't have that song, I have a feeling only half as many people would be voting for it.

      Canabalt is easily my favourite from those, so hopefully it'll bring victory home...

    2nd and 3rd links not working for me...?

      Just remove the space and word at the end. thusly:

    Robot Unicorn Attack is a bandwagon thing, it shouldn't be included on there IMO. Nobody played it for longer than 5 minutes.

    William and Sly is my favourite.

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