Are These The Video Game Characters The Defined A Decade?

Master Chief, Nathan Drake, Alyx Vance, The Boss, GlaDOS - just a small selection of the 30 video game stars that the newest issue of Game Informer names as the video game characters that defined our decade.

The mag's newest issue not only sports some impressive artwork by friend of Kotaku and guest artist Sam Spratt, it kicks off a potentially heated debate about which characters had the greatest impact on video games in the 2000s. GI's newest issue will be shipping to subscribers this week with three different covers, a gaming get together that looks back on 10 years of virtual luminaries.

Check out Game Informer's full cover at their site, see if you can name them all, and then let loose with "Where the hell is [X] ?!"

December Cover Revealed [GameInformer]


    Only person i'd really say was missing was Vault Boy (or at least, someone from Fallout).

    They seriously think BULLY had more influence than Fallout 3? Not a chance.

    I'm sorry but where is the G-man?

    I think we might have found something to finally replace the Mona Lisa.
    Lets go to France and get it done people!!

    Who are these people? Aside from Master Chief, what big impact could these characters have had in their 1 or so games? The decade before and the decade before that's characters featured in many times more games (in THIS decade) than these supposedly "defining" characters combined...

    meh. story or not, there should have been professor kawashima and miis. these 2 opened up 'casual' gaming and gave Wii/DS prominence.

    Someone really doesn't like Japan. The only Japanese character I see is Auron. I don't know who the green haired lady is though, she looks Japanese.

    Hmm, I actually don't recognise some of the people there.

    I can't name half the characters in those pics. I'm glade to see a few of my favourites in there though: Master Chief, Shepard, Nathan Drake, GLaDOS and Kratos. Also I know there's a Bioshock reference in there with the "Would you kindly" poster but a Big Daddy and Little Sister would of been nice.

    Well they picked Layton and Pheonix, my 2 fav DS stars, so I'm pretty happy!

    I'm glad that Tim from Braid was there. looks like a pretty good list.

      except for the guy from Bully that it. GTFO

      I think you're referring to the guy in the bottom right, and that's the main guy from psychonauts

    damn right raz is there

    I think you mean "Are these the video game characters that defined a decade".


    Big Boss and Solid Snake get my vote.

    I spy Professor Layton and Phoenix wright. :D

    Maybe Bully gets a message for managing to be released despite a huge storm of controversy over the game. Parents groups were coming out of the woodwork to ban the 'GTA in a playground' game.

    I spy the king of all cosmos!

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