Armed Robbers Snatch 100 Copies Of Black Ops In GameStop Heist

Two guys with semiautomatic firearms were hellbent on breaking street for Call of Duty: Black Ops, sticking up a Baltimore-area GameStop and looting it of 100 copies of the game, due out Tuesday.

The Harford County, Maryland sheriff's office said the heist happened Saturday evening, and the robbers waited until closing time to hold up the GameStop in the Festival at Bel Air shopping centre in Bel Air, about 48km northeast of Baltimore.

Deputies said two customers stopped by the store mid-robbery and were forced at gunpoint into a storage area. Neither they nor employees were hurt. The robbers might also be behind an October 21 holdup at GameStop's nearby Aberdeen, Maryland location.

A sheriff's office spokesman asked locals to call them if they're offered a copy of the game before Tuesday's release date. A quick scour of Craigslist in that area turned up no such offers.

Harford robbers steal more than 100 ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops' video games [Baltimore Sun via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    lol what! How much were they willing to sell copies of a game ONE DAY from release to justify an armed robbery?

    Ok, so the highest amount of money they can make from this is $10k (if they're really lucky), but more likely to get $5k or lower. So really, they would've gotten more from robbing a friggin' 7/11!

      well at a 7/11 they need to deal with an indian guy saying "DANK U KUM AGAN"

    Damn Russians disguised as Americans...

    Bwhahahahaha! God, I love video games. No other industry has this kind of crazy shit going on.


        I love the fact it was just one dude in a truck.

          Still hasn't been caught.

            He's probably rolling around naked on top of the kegs and throwing kegs in the air while laughing etc.

    Whoa.. talk about desperate.

    Can't wait for the follow up story tomorrow, where they all tried to logon and had their accounts banned.

    Even from here you can hear the wails of anguish from those GameStop customers who just had their preorders get carried out the door.

      lol I wonder how understanding they'll be?

      "I don't care if he had an AK47 in your face, you shouldn't have given him my prestige edition!"

    I know I should probably look down on these guys, but you know what, they just lived out one of my childhood fantasies; but I wouldn't have just stolen 100 copies of 1 game, I would have gotten every game in there.

    Good thing the robbers didn't open fire. I heard that the Gamestop clerk was rocking the Martyrdom perk.

    Oh god, it was in Bel Air.


    A date included when they had robbed the store would have been nice, seems extremely moronic that they would commit a crime to get something the day before release (I get they got more copies than just for them, but what sort of demand would there be for a game that comes out in a day?). This won't go down well in the media...

      in the link it says saturday night

      so its like 3 days early

    Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, now if you'd like to take a minute just sit right there i'll tell you how i stole black ops in a town called Bel Air

      Ah, the reverse bel-air... seldom used, but always worth it.

    NOOO! They're going to get to 10th prestige first!

    What's really sad is people will pay these lovely gents money for the games, justifying the crime. I mean sell those 100 for $50 and that's 5 grand.

    What a bunch of dip-sh!ts, all they are doing is reinforcing negative gamer stereotypes. I seriously hope they get caught by the police, and they try to run then get mauled by police dogs.

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