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Today I'm asking you to ask me stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    I bought a copy of Assassin's Creed II from Amazon's online store. Had it shipped to my friend who at the time had a local US address. He came back to Aus and help me bring the game over for me.

    I would like to know, if I purchase the two downloadable DNA Sequences from the Aus. Playstation Store, will they work with my US copy of Assassin's Creed?

    Or do I have to purchase the content from the US Playstation store?


      Pretty much all PSN DLC is locked to the store region - PSN Australia store content only works with game copies published in Australia. Even my UK version of Yakuza 3 doesn't work with AUS DLC.

        You shouldn't have a problem as both UK and Australia use the European versions. That and the UK and AUS PS store are extensions of the European one.

      It isn't hard at all to make a US PSN account though and in the end the DLC would be cheaper to buy from their store anyway.

        I imported AC2 from the UK and had no trouble with the aus psn dlc for it, so i'd say try the copernicus DLC, then if it works buy the dlc you want.

      What about Xbox? Does LIVE have the same restrictions?

      (Euro and Aus)

        Funnily enough no. XBL DLC will work with any version of the game. At least in my experience. I have US games for my US 360 that are region locked yet DLC from tha AU store works just fine.

    Will EA's next Medal of Honor game be set in South Korea?

      Wow. No idea, but I hope this little dick measuring contest ends before any more people get hurt.

    Mark, please tell me you have some news on an impending KOF XIII release date??

    What do you think of the new 360 controllers?

    I love mine, although it was way overpriced... I'm definitely not going to throw this one in a fit of nerd-rage, it's far too attractive =D

    I submitted a review as well *cough*

      Speaking of Reviews, Mr. Serrels, nobody had the best review for September? *asthma cough*

        ... October, sorry. I fail @ Basic months. I blame it on my mind-numbing job.

        It's 2009, right?


      Are they hard to disassemble?
      I want one... but I'd have to change the buttons to the colour ones.

        ...but why would you want to?

        It's called muscle memory dude, you really shouldn't need the colours.

          Muscle memory isn't the issue.

          It wouuld just bug me incessantly when the screen showed a blue X and I didn't have one.

      I actually haven't checked them out yet believe it or not. And Fistbeard – I'll get on it!

    What's your stance on political correctness?

    I'm only asking because of the flak I'm getting for being 'sexist' by calling Kate Lundy reasonable and rational.

    Where do the lines of free-speech get drawn?

    I am aware I am incredibly offensive to people who don't understand me, but I ask, why? Why get insulted about something that isn't directed to you?

    Just curious for your, and in fact, all of kotaku's stance!

    Tell me people, has political correctness gone too far?

      actually, don't approve that comment. I cant already tell it will lead to flamewar

        ...this comment comes with it's own bag of cement.. so you can harden the F*#k up!

        This was directed at offended people, not you Tad...

        Look i think there are limits to what you can say online. I had a similar discussion with a few people when someone had a go at me. If we all acted like we do in real life, then there should be no issues, unless you are a tool in real life.

        I was not offended by what you said, but maybe that is because i'm eating casserole with mash that is pretty good!

          What really gets on my nerves is when people get offended on OTHER people's behalves! WTF?!

          If I'm joking about with friends, it is nobody elses role to be offended! Only the person being slandered is allowed to be offended, IMHO.

          Actually, now that I mention it, I've only ever been attacked by the people I wasn't "offending".

          And I lol'd at the bag of concrete comment! Too true! XD

      People are way too over sensitive to EVERYTHING nowadays. Dont worry about it.

        I try not to, but people take it to ridiculous levels.

        I remember once in high school. A girl in my class said "What's the race name for Africans? Like, Asians are called Asians and white people are called Caucasians, what's the one for Africans?"

        I responded by saing "Negros, that's their name".

        You know what? I got sent to the principals office, even though I was correct and had said nothing derogatory (This isn't the "N" word, kids). Eventually I convinced the principal to google it. He found out I was correct and let me go!

        You can't win! :(

          The difference between the factual correctness of language and the perceptions of language by the uninformed will always cause problems.

          Obviously, overly antagonistic comments will attract retaliatory responses, but I also think that we should be entitled to voice our opinions (as long as we comply with the commenting rules and are able to back up anything we say).

      Yeah, I thought some of the comments were a bit unfair. You have to watch what you're saying sometimes, but the comment was harmless.

        I love Lennie's comment in particular:

        "Hysterical and bitchy? That was seriously your first stop for categorising female politicians?


        So I responded in kind. I doubt he'll ever read it, but I felt it necessary not to concede to such stupidity and closed-mindedness.

        But you're right, Mark. I should've more closely thought what that comment would have started. It appears that people somehow believe that calling people "sexist", "racist", "agist", "anti-semetic", etc - when they are type-casting (which isn't illegal, mind you), stating fact or stating a perfectly benign opinion - somehow makes them morally superior...

        Screw this, I'm moving to Canada, eh? (Yeah, call me a racist, go for your life)

    Not so much a Q as a statement, But you need to bump the 'talk amongst yourselves' thread for today :P

    Also, Is there a Genre you REALLY can't stand playing, no matter how well received a game may be?

    Also, how are you settling in to your now semi-new job as Kotaku Editor? Are things starting to comfortably fall into place? Has the Chaos started to subside? Has Seamus propositioned you with a whip and ball-gag?

      In continuation of the genre query... how awesome are adventures? Right? I could see the love with the Police Quest screen... don't deny it!

      Hmmm. Not too much of an RTS fan. I think that's about it. Although I did love Pikmin!

      Yeah things are going good here. Really love writing for Kotaku, love the community. The best thing about you guys is that you enjoy reading (I think) the kind of things I love writing.

      Thanks again to everyone for being so awesome!

    Did you get my entry for the Capcom VS Marvel comp? I'm a bit nervous because I had trouble with the [email protected] email address and file attachments. Also, are we allowed to post our drawings on our own blogs? Or does that make our entry invalid?

      Let me check when I get back into the office, if I haven't gotten it, I'll shoot you an email. I'm going to announce the winner by the end of this week.

    Mark -

    Do you think 12 year old kids should be given access to headsets and easy to connect online play? Because I don't.

    Hi Mark,

    If you had the capacity to create a new game IP... what kind of game would you like to make?

    Also, how would you intergrate Kinect into a "hardcore" game, and which franchise do you think it would work with?

    I know you're not a developer, but as a journalist who's played a lot of games... I'm sure you've sat around a table in a pub (you're Scottish) and had this conversation with other journalists.

      I second this great question!

      I've just thought of how incredibly awesome Kinect could be for RTS games... Seriously, the motion control thing could be awesome if you got Minority Report style controls.

    Can Kotaku buy this for me?

    Thanking you all in advance! :)

    I have never really understood the argument of why car makers won't allow their products to have realistic damage models in game. If it is an image thing of seeing the cars at their best then racing them in the real world should be off the cards as the big smashes is what gets the most coverage.

    I also find it amusing that human models are never in a car when they are crashed but it is quite Ok to kill and blow up figures with ragdoll effects in almost every other genre of game.

    Whats your opinions on this?

      I think it's got a lot to do with the lack of *REALLY* accurate damage modelling.
      Car manufacturers pride themselves on building cars with crumple-zones, air bags and the like so that the occupants of the vehicle are as safe as possible in a crash.
      When the car crashes in the game and parts fly everywhere but 15 airbags don't go off and the engine isn't magically deflected under the cabin they get upset.

        Thanks! You also described exactly what I would like to see in a game. Airbags would be great. An engine hanging out of the chasis would also be fantastic.

      Play 1nsane, an old codemasters racing game. I don't know if i'd call the damage "realistic", but it definitely added a new dimension to the game.

    Got any clue as to what the Novalogic dudes are up to with Delta Force: Angel Falls? All sources on wikipedia are dated 2008.

    I got my Dad into the series and he's fair disappointed there's no new info yet. Not sure how he's going to go with it "being in a completely different spirit from previous titles" though.

    What's the deal with ovaltine? Imean, the cup is round the tin is round...

      What the hell is chicken of the sea tuna? I don't want any chickens that live in the sea! Chickens on the land, fish in the sea!

    Should I let my 18mth daughter play with Kinectimals (she loves furry things and goes "aaaaaaaahhhh" when she see's them) or will I forever scar her childhood?

      You have been warned.

        I love CAD :P

        I don't really see the harm in kids playing Kinectimals. Adults, though? Hrm...

    Dear Kotaku readers / Mark

    My very, very good video game shop owning friend has had GT5 i'n stock i'n store for a number of days now, yet has refused to give me my copy early.

    Do you think this is grounds enough for me to cease our 10 year plus friendship, or am I being blinded by my 5 year wait?

    Many thanks

      Your friend is an evil person... At the very least you would start buying games from other stores in protest and even consider deleting him from your Facebook friends list (provided you both have one)

        Seconded. While you're there, maybe as a parting gift wash his car with a steelo brush as a token of your new friendship.

    Why is everthing co-op this and online that now days.
    I've never played an online multiplayer game and never want to.
    I play games to relax and to escape from everyone and everything else for a while.
    The only time i'm on Xbox live is for DLC not online-multi-co-op-wankerthons.

    I understand that they are popular but it's as if the videogame industry thinks people don't game by themselves anymore.

    It's not like single player only games aren't profitable. One of my favourite games ever, GTA San Andreas sold like 18 million copies.

    Am i just a old castaway from an industry that doesn't need me or want my money anymore.

      I think it's because there's replay value in Online Multiplayer that it actually spurrs additional sales of the game, for instance, even for myself - the prescence of online multiplayer can be a factor in whether I buy, or just rent.

      Though single player has it's advantages - namely the ability to pause without getting killed or kicked.

      Finally why did you eat BOTH of Cybertron's moons - wasn't one enough?

      Or when the cheevos are multiplayer based?

      Man that shites me to tears.

      I deal with people for a living, I don't mind occasionally killing the odd person in FPS's... but I don't want to spend even more of my time with the there-but-for-the-grace-of-God society.

      Im a single player gamer on a budget with a 360. I cant justify paying for multi-player because even if I wanted to , I never get the time.

      I was spewin that most of the Street Fighter 4 acheivments were online only.

      There should be two caergories with acheivements online and offline and I would be happy.

    Hey Mark,

    With Cataclysm coming out in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd ask the dreaded question:
    Do you play WoW? How long for? etc

    when will dance dance revolution ps3 be released in australia?

    Hey Mark
    I suck at COD4, Black Ops, all of them. Always get my ass kicked online. Been playing for years but never really getting much better. What do you reccomend as a way of improving my skillz?

      Play a lot is what I learnt from CS 1.4 days. I don't think it's worth it really unless you've got all the time in the world.

      Are you playing on PC? If so don't use a basic mouse, get something that's more sensitive and an appropriate mousepad. A good set of headphones is a must. You can accurately pinpoint enemies footsteps and people will call you a cheater.

    Tempted to buy Crazy Taxi for PSN, any word if it supports Logitech G25 wheel support?

      Doubt it, it's not the best port... considering songs (Offspring) as well as a bunch of the ingame advertising (KFC) are all removed from the game.

      I've heard nothing about things being added and/or made better...

    Why did you update your name and remove "Mark"

    Do you just want to be referred to as "Serrels"?


      I didn't change it! It's just that I'm updating from home, and I forgot that I usually put Mark Serrels.

      I'm not pulling a P. Diddy or anything...

        I actually suspected more of a 'Madonna' thing myself.

        To be honest I thought someone was being an idiot and pretending to be you. And then I started to wonder why you would have allowed them...

    The US PSN store has way more downloadable PSP games when compared to the Aus store.

    Why is this? Will it ever change?

    Xbox live content seems to be more across the board!

    Hi Mark,

    Not to nag, but you said last Wednesday that you would post the winner of the reader reviews from October...

    Mr. Serrels, what is your favorite console of all time?

    mine would be the Sega Genesis... ah such good times...

      Really? I sold my SMD to buy a SNES. Mega Drive had more games but I found the quality of games on SNES to be better.
      Mario Kart, Donkey kong Country and Mario World to name a few.

        PS: Sonic 3 linked with Sonic and Knuckles is one of my all-time favourite games.

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