Assassin's Creed 2011 Will Be A 'Big' Game


    An AC game each year? I loved Brotherhood but be careful Ubi or you'll Kotick the series...

      I'd be happy if they had a sequel one year, then a brotherhood type game the next year and just kept rolling like that. However if it just started to become the same old shit every game i'd be pissed.

      Significant updates and changes would need to happen each sequel.

      also, "big" scares me if i so much as hear about an MMO for this i'll get stabby

    Good to hear AC:B on PC is looking good :P Just kidding, I hope it's a fresh setting.

    it should of read;

    "both quotes come from top men at Assassins Creed publisher Ubisoft, TOP MEN!"

    thats all i could think bout

    OT - i think this might be AC3 because its technically 2 years. they could have been working on the all year along with brotherhood

    I reckon the next one was started before ACII was released and the only reason we got brotherhood intime was reused assests.
    Insaying that 3 will have a hard time topping 2 for me...

    I sincerely doubt it will be a 'big' game, the turnover has been WAY too short.

    Just like with CoD, it'll be another incremental update that's not really noticeable. It'll probably even run on the same engine.

    I thought Ubisoft said they weren't going to do an Assassin's Creed every year?

    Could be Assassins Creed 3DS. Hoping it's the final chapter of Desmond though.

    Hopefully they'll just keep this up till 2012, since that's a significant date in-game. After that, they can slow down or even end the series. I love AC, but I don't want it to keep going till it's old and tired.

    So 2012 release for pc then?

    fingers crossed for WW2 and a chick

    Yer, it will be Brotherhood for PC. lol

    Really starting to dislike Ubi. They're becoming more corporate by the day, and forgetting about the fans. Please oh please do not ruin Assassins Creed. Its one of the few games that I really get into

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