Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Has Something Just For PS3 Owners

PlayStation 3 owners are in for some day-one exclusive when Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood stabs its way to retail next month. Ubisoft is giving the PlayStation faithful a little Copernicus to beef up the game's singleplayer side.

The writes that astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus will be at the centre of the downloadable "Copernicus Conspiracy" add-on, giving everyone's favourite Renaissance era assassin Ezio new tasks with which to occupy his time. Those courier, assassination and protection missions arrive November 16, the same day Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood ships in North America.

Free, PS3-Exclusive DLC Launching with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood []


    While I am glad I can play this DLC, I feel sorry for the AC fans that are on Xbox. I just hate the whole content platform exclusivity thing, it's really annoying.

    Especially with the Joker and Arkham Asylum. My friend is a hardcore batman fan, hell, he got me into Batman. And he only had an Xbox. While it was all fine that he could come over and play it at my place, what about everyone else in his shoes?

    I'd rather the entire game be exclusive to a platform, rather than just some parts of it.

      How would making the entire game exclusive be better, though? By your Batman example, your friend wouldn't have been able to play it at all rather than just not being able to play the Joker bits.

      I'm sure this DLC will come to 360 in time, anyway. People make too much of a fuss about getting things now, now, NOW! Just look at all the whining about GT5 getting delayed. Disappointing? Sure. But the way some people carry on you'd think Sony had committed some kind of crime against humanity. If the average gamer is aged about 30, that means you've managed to live 30 years on this planet without having GT5. So what does another month or two matter?

      Same applies here - whether you get this Copernicus stuff day 1 or day 60, does it really matter?

        Simply because, it feels like such a rip. You pay for the full game, yet you're really not getting the entire content. Also, he has since bought a PS3 anyway (yay for Uncharted 2!). I know the logic isn't great, with the all or nothing mentality, but personally, that's how I feel it should be.

        Potentially, yes, the DLC may come to the 360, and that I don't care about. Exclusive for a month, 2 months or whatever, I can live with that, but if it just stays there, then it annoys me.

    Gosh darn it. I have already paid in full for my Codex Edition from EB on the 360. I didn't pick it up on the PS3 because i had already played AC1 and AC2 on the 360 and i had heard that some people had problems with the AC2 port on the PS3 so i wanted to stay with brotherhood on the 360.

    Oh well, maybe in the future it might be released but i don't think it will be.

      You should be able to transfer that into a PS3 Codex edition, if you so desired. Also, they have stated that the PS3 version will be just as good, if not better:

      Though personally, I had no problems with ACII on PS3

        Wish i could mate - after reading this i rang up the store and asked and they said they simply are sold out of 360/PS3 codex editions but i could get the PC codex if i wanted (yeah, right - like i am going to wait till next year to play this...)

        Good idea but since EB is the only one stocking it here locally i guess i will just stick it out with the 360 version - i am sure the free DLC is relatively small that the PS3 is getting because it seems only to be adding additional side quests (courier, assassinations from the second game).

    Very annoying. I've got a PS3, but no way I'm buying it on that (I really don't like the controller). So long as we get it eventually on the Xbox, I don't really care. Just really annoyed as not only did PS3 get the Beta, but now exclusive DLC.

    Pretty sure the game sold just as well on Xbox as it did on PS3... I would have thought it sold better on the xbox IMO, would be curious to see the stats

      Maybe a bit of money changing hands.

      The GTA games sold much better on PS2 than XBox, but when GTAIV came along it was MS who got the (timed) exclusive DLC, thanks to a big fat cheque. Similar to MS getting the timed-exclusive deal on COD DLC.

      AC1 PS3 = 3.81, 360 = 4.95. AC2 PS3 = 4.00, 360 = 4.19(mil). Source and braaains is on the money, as that's how exclusives are obtained. It will come to 360 eventually just like everything else.

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