Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 'Manual' Has Been Reduced To This

Publisher Ubisoft is protecting Assassin's Creed Brotherhood buyers from dangerous staples by whittling down the game's manual to a single sheet, scored and folded for your convenience. Maybe they're thinking "green"?

Early recipients of next week's multiplayer-focused Assassin's Creed game will have to make do with the in-game manual, as clearly referenced on page one of the insert, to answer any questions they may have about the game. In Ubisoft's defence, Assassin's Creed's contextual controls do not translate well to the printed page and some of us prefer our introduction to gameplay mechanics doled out via smart in-game tutorial.

But, man, one-page? That's shockingly thin.

Thanks, NightMystic.


    The beginning of the end of manuals... :(

    I love games that provide a decent manual that is also full colour, etc...

    Manuals are still important!

    Eh most of the games these days have all the tutorials for the controls in the game now anyway...and what with society's obsession with being green, it was only a matter of time before they went the way Sierra adventure games.

    Whatever happened to the days of having manuals that took longer to read than the whole game took to play? Those were the good old days.

      With the size of most games nowadays, that's still generally the case.

    I can't even remember the last time I opened a game manual. Definitely one of those things that you wonder why we still have them at all.

    How charmingly retro! I'm getting flashbacks to Ocean games, I wonder if it'll cost 20 bucks and come on cassette (left on the back docks at K-Mart in the summer to the extent that its a coin flip whether it works)

    Ubisoft said they were going to ditch them altogether so this is something of a compromise at least for a while.

    To that end as much as I'm a collector of gaming goodness I can't support printed manuals anymore. I haven't used them for some time and with 1080p displays I have no issue looking at some equilvant in game for the few minutes I have to before never looking at it again.

    i liked the manuals, they excite me especially when im away from home and i cant play it after buying it, not to mention, they help when in the middle of the game, and you need quick reference.

    There is an in-game manual, and an online manual. The address to the online manual - print it if you want! - is in the orange box on the page in the image in this post - I just can't read it from here.

      True, the web site is listed but try as I might I can not locate this online manuel site. Ubisoft & the official Assassinscreed Brotherhood site are absolutely NO help either.

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