AU Diary: Elevators, Parity and Rock Band

AU Diary: Elevators, Parity and Rock Band

AU Diary: Elevators, Parity and Rock BandSo a couple of awesome things happened over at Kotaku HQ early this afternoon.

The first being that 70% of our office got stuck in a lift for an hour. They’re getting pulled up through the roof of the lift as we speak!

I say ‘awesome’ because I decided to wait for the next lift, which thankfully saved me from 30 minutes with my face tightly tucked into Seamus Byrne’s armpit.

The second awesome thing is that the Aussie dollar finally went above parity, a price held for the last three hours.

And not that we normally encourage importing, but this may be the perfect cue for those looking to pick up some Rock Band 3 instruments overseas. After speaking to the distributors of the Rock Band 3 instruments today and yesterday, it may just be your only choice for now.

It seems like HES, who are the distributors for all Mad Catz gear in Australia, are struggling with demand at the moment. They seem to be getting limited stock, which will be heading to a handful of retailers (mostly JB Hifi and EB), and they have no info on when (or if) Australia will be receiving the Squier Strats that were just priced and dated in the US.

One employee from HES mentioned to us that things were “insane”. But they will be getting more stock (mostly keyboards) next week.

As soon as we get any word on the Aussie date and pricing for the Squier guitars we’ll let you know.

How about you guys, how will parity affect your spending habits, and has anyone manged to get a Pro Guitar or Pro Drums in Australia yet? And has anyone been stuck in a lift recently?

UPDATE: It’s also worth mentioning that we have a hands on preview of Homefront going up on the site at 7pm tonight – we were very impressed with the game, so it’s well worth checking out.


  • what about Kinect? I have a mate going over to the US in early december… if the dollar holds strong and the device is univeral as I expect it is???? then I can get one cheaper ($149US so this would be at least a $50 saving when there are no shipping costs….

    Can anyone confirm if a US kinect will work with my 360 slim. I note that the power adapter for the old xbox will be the wrong one, but if i have a slim with the high powered USB, is there any downside?

    • My Kinect shipped from amazon earlier today! if you are using a slim you’ll have no issues as the 360 will power the unit itself. However the thing is apparently region locked so unless you have a US 360 you might want to hold off a little bit longer for confirmation on that.

  • @the lift thing: LOL! Good call by waiting, Mark!

    @parity: US Steam store prices ftw 😀

    @Fender Sqiers: I have an actual Fender Sqier Affinity. They. Are. Amazing.

    Not a pro range guitar by any means, but they play really well.

    As to pricing, I’m expecting something in the $200-$300 range, possibly more due to the in-built game tech. I’m wondering, though, how many people will complain about tuning…

    • Unfortunately the US price is US$280, so I’d say we can expect it to be at least AU$400, if not more…

  • Stairs is always the option for me. On the import is the game region free? I would love a keyboard also but want to kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • I’m not stuck in a lift, but I am stuck in an endless loop of repetition in my own personal limbo without any sort of hope or dreams for the future except for getting out of here at 3:30 only to repeat the same exact thing tomorrow and forever and I hate this place I’m going to burn this motherf—– to the ground…. *sleepy look*

    Actually no, I’m good.

    Dude, if I was stuck in that lift I would have deliberately waited till a quiet moment came and just let a sneaky noiseless fart out.

    • I have been trapped in a lift for 3 hours.

      Someone did fart… people were not amused.
      The poor guy had been holding it for an hour apparently.

      One woman was going spare about oxygen.

      I just sat in the corner and went to sleep.

      • What I probably should have mentioned was the fact that there was 14 people in one tiny lift! Still no update on whether someone dropped one or not.

        • How could you NOT in that situtation? Opportunities like that don’t come along often, you have to take full advantage of them when they do.

          • Apparently Seamus’s armpits are something of an urban legend…………..
            I’ll need a hedge clipper and armour to take down the lad. I’ll do the contract for free if I keep the gear.

  • Weird the dollar is at parity but on ebay and play asia its still cheaper in US dollars?

    I guess it all depends how long and when it takes to update their servers.

    Granted its not by much but still you think it would automatically be passed on.

    Though if the dollar drops again it looks like we’ve been screwed again 🙁

  • I ordered the pro guitar through Amazon a while back and it looks like those aren’t shipping for another couple of weeks.

  • I ordered the RB3 keyboard through Amazon (US) and received it two days ago, had a bit of fun talking to the UPS guy on the phone because I wasn’t home and he wasn’t entirely convinced where I told him to leave the package was safe. Bought the actual game from, which arrived last night. Went with the UK version of the game because I have the 360 version and I figured it would be the easiest way to guarantee that the import song feature would work (my copy of RB2 is also from the UK) even if it was a few dollars dearer.

  • Ordered the instruments last night – full set. Pro guitar, keyboard, pro drums. They’re already shipping. Went through Barnes and Noble (in other words, Gamestop).

  • I ended up getting pro-drums through Barnes and Noble.
    I am tempted to get the Keyboard too now… Apparently prices are cheaper though Amazon US but, the 360 version of the keyboard says 3-4 week wait on shipping. Does any one know about this?

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