AU Diary: Gonna Wait Till The Midnight Hour

So it seems like there's a bit of a split here. In the one corner you have those that want nothing to do with Black Ops, let alone a midnight launch, but in the other there are those willing head out and queue up for a copy of the game on the stroke of midnight – so which group do you guys belong to?

Me? I'll be infecting everyone with my shonky cold over at JB Hifi's Midnight launch in Parramatta Westfield. If any of you guys are headed out there feel free to give me a shout.

For some ungodly reason I've always found myself attracted to midnight launches – despite the fact that I usually go straight home to bed after picking up my copy of the game. Maybe it's the rampant, brainwashed consumer in me, but I'm always itching to head over there then, upon heading home I quickly realise that I don't want to wake everyone up/I'm too bloody tired/have to work the next morning and just go to sleep instead.

What about you guys – anyone heading out for the midnight launch? Where are you headed to – and will you guys be jumping straight online afterwards?


    I'll pick it a future date.

    Too busy working my way through MSG4 to care right now.

      Too much MSG isn't good for anyone...usually theres some sort of information pertaining to its inclusion on the label :P

      If I wasn't starting work at 6am tomorrow morning I'd be up for a midnight launch. That being said, there are no JB Hi-Fi's near me doing the midnight thing and there is no way I'd be taking the risk of having to pay full price at EB because they aren't willing to price match stores that aren't actually open and selling it yet...that has happened to me before!

      Better late than never I guess.

    Meh - picked up Black Ops on Direct 2 Drive for $45 using the coupon "bigsavings" for the PC version. Sure you don't get the CD-Key till about 1am Wednesday morning but saving that much money is well worth the wait (Plus i have pre-loaded so all i need is the key and install and away i go...)

      Wednesday?? :( I just asked in TAY, but you seem to know whats going on. Thats pretty bloody annoying if you ask me, but I spose at the price, no waiting in line and having it preloaded is still a better option.
      Anyways, it gives me time to finish F1.

      I also want to say a BIG FAT *NER NER NE NER NER* to the web ethos, in where I was bitter and jaded at the last COD (whose name I shall never speak) and I swore I wouldn't purchase it to teach them a lesson in screwing over the community. I think pretty much 80% of ppl who said they wouldn't buy it ended up doing so, well, not me *starts to shake a little* I've not played cod since I made the non purchase commitment *shaking badly*. Its not been easy but I did it. *proud at himself*

        Yeah - i am sure it dosen't get released till 7am November 9th in PST - which is about 11pm Tuesday-1am Wednesday depending on where (i think). Still for that price and an exam tomorrow afternoon i can wait :P

          Yeah I posted pretty much the same thing in TAY. Think of it as importing, Qumulys - cheaper, but there's a wait involved.

            i get it on wednesday which is the day i finish my exams so it worked out for me
            also 45 dollar games is best

    I belong to the "wants nothing to do with it" camp. COD plotlines are a mess in singleplayer and bad company 2 offers a better multiplayer environment.

    If I do head out, I am going to wait until the wife is dead asleep and then sneak out. I don't want to be called a nerd by her... again.

    Absolutely nothing. COD, to me, is overrated, boring and uninteresting. I have no desire to buy the game. I'll probably try the Nazi Zombie mode at a friends place, but that's all.

      Agreed. I stopped playing Call of Duty games about halfway through the very first one all the way back in 2003.

        Same here. COD games are a little too mindless for me, if I was going to play any military-themed shooter I'd stick to the more strategic team-based ones like Battlefield and MAG.

    I'm heading down to GAME Canberra Centre at Midnight to pick up my copy. Amazingly I managed to get my name down on a Prestige edition for PS3, someone else canceled. Seeing RED before hand, so l will wander if after the masses have been and gone (I hope)

    Honestly I was unimpressed with Modern Warfare- the obvious enemy spawning caused by triggers, the one-man-army feel, etc- so didn't even bother with MW2, let alone this one. I'm sure they're fantastic in multiplayer if that's your thing, but it's not mine, so...

    I was in the 'wait and see' group until a few weeks back. My mate, who got his 360 to play Reach with me, pointed me towards one of the Inside Xbox features which looked at the extra features and changes from MW2. Then there was the hour long preview from gamestop.

    I'm still not mega midnight launch excited, but I will be happy when my Dungeon Crawl package arrives in the mail. It's no PC low price, but just over $70 seems good to me.

    Yeah I don't get COD. Whats with it anyhow?

      i didnt get it either, but yet i still preordered black ops, cause my friend preordered it. so then i hired out cod4 and turns out, it's pretty fun.

      I can tell you as a newbie when it comes to shooters - I played Halo 3 first, then COD4, Call of Duty has solid controls (for console anyway) and you character moves with a realistic weight (Compared to the no sprinting and floaty jumping of Halo) the multiplayer has a whole progression thing going on (the more you play the more abilities you unlock) which keeps the game feeling fresh.

    I'm going to GAME at the midnight launch. Don't know why though...

    I'll pick it up tomorrow, around 9-10am. MW2 sucked in both single and multiplayer, but I'm getting this just to make stupid videos with.

    I'm WORKING the midnight launch tonight, which means I probably won't even get to play it after I get home. Gotta get up tomorrow morning to deal with the swag of people who AREN'T going to the midnight launch!

      Yeah, same here (except I don't have to work tomorrow).

      I love me some midnight launches though, even if I don't care about the game launching, like tonight :)

      They're exciting, fun and just plain brilliant :D

    i r bogan, i love COD. guns good. blam blam shooty uppy things.

    will play live wid sum mates til like 6am. or til the burbon run out

      Faaarkin knife da caaaaant!

    I think I'm over COD, but I'll no doubt end up buying it at some stage because of the unrelenting pressure of by mates to "farkin get online and shoot caaants maaaate."

    But definitely not ever going to another midnight launch.

    Going JB watergardens straight after work. I'll be playing it since I'm working night shifts and don't need to wake up early morning. But, I wonder if the multiplayer servers would be up and running, anyone know?

    I'm going to the one at Miranda Westfield :3
    Some friend of mine are going, I got an invite, so I may as well go and pick up the game :P

    I've played ever CoD game up till now but I find my desire for this one almost completely non existent, Activision has driven my interest into the ground by releasing them too close together.

    With so many clone games on the market I'm really struggling to be excited about this one. Black Ops looks way too generic. I've got serious genre fatigue.

    The only war game I have any intention of buying is Homefront.

      I don't know how 12 months apart is too close.
      I would prefer a new game every 3 months.

    picking it up tonight due to the fact I happen to have the day of work tomorrow and I pre-ordered the RC Car cause i'm one of those consumer that buys anything that looks cool.

    Somewhat amusing to read about the disdain have towards CoD, and their eagerness to post about it.

    I sorta want to go to the midnight launch, but I'll be going alone if I do. :P
    My local EB Games also doesn't have the most enthusiastic staff either, so I can imagine the launch going something like 'Here's your pre-order, leave now so I can go home.'

      The disdain people have* :)

    I finish at 9 so I'll be going to the launch at Eb Macquarie. Might go see a movie to kill the time between though hahaha

    Loved MW 1 & 2 but want nothing to do with this for quite some time. No particular reason apart from all of the total dicks that seem to play these games online. Sick to death of all of the wankers, haters, racists and homophobes.

      The good thing about BO is that you can report those wankers now (apparently matches are recorded, including mic).

        You know you can mute those fools right? If I'm not playing with friends I just make sure my mic is turned off and the volume in the headset is at a minimum.

    If there was a "Somewhat interested, but has other games to play anyway and subsequently forget, then only to remember that it exists a few months from now and will maybe consider it then when it is discounted on sale" group, I would be there.
    Sure the game lacks Jack Bauer this time around, but I am perfectly content with Gary Oldman being Russian and awesome.

    I'm in neither group, gonna pick it up at some point in the future assuming it lives up to its hype. Gonna wait for reviews before I go blindly buying the product. During the time of mw2, I was in the boycott group which I'm proud to say, I'm still part of. When Treyarch threw the dedicated server support back in, it got my interest back up.

    Note to self: Preorder all future games at JB Hifi in Parramatta Westfield.

    I am going to EB Games St Ives launch. They better pricematch Kmart for $79 and give me my 4 pack of V! If they jip me out of either of those items I will never shop there again.

      There is a chance you may not get your V, as Kmart does not offer the game and V for $79.

      My mate works at EB and said they've been told only to match K-mart if there is a K-mart nearby (i.e. same suburb or shopping center) and only if they have stock and are open at midnight, so it's unlikely.

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