AU Diary: Gran Turismo 5 Midnight Launches?

AU Diary: Gran Turismo 5 Midnight Launches?

Gran Turismo5 is in the office. It’s sitting there in front of me, but I don’t really believe it. I’m convinced that it’s a mirage. As we speak I’m prodding it with a stick just to make sure it isn’t some of elaborate trap. Can it be that this creature of myth actually exists?

What about you guys? Anyone up for a Gran Turismo 5 midnight launch? Are you waiting until tomorrow? Are you picking up a copy of the game at all?

There are very few midnight launches in Australia. We’ve called around a couple of places to find out which store are doing one and come up with a list. It’s pretty paltry, but if you have a hankerin’ to clamber out of bed and drive to your nearest store, here are the ones that’ll be selling Gran Turismo 5 at midnight tonight.

EB EB Games at Chapel Street is actually the only EB in Australia holding a midnight launch for Gran Turismo 5. And apparently the only reason that’s happening is because the manager of the store is a mad fan of the game. The exact address for this store is 285 Chapel St, Prahran, VIC.

JB Hi-Fi JB have a far stronger offering for Gran Turismo 5 midnight launches, with a handful of launches happening Australia wide. Gamers in Victoria, again have the most choice.

JB Chadstone, VIC JB Knox, VIC JB Bourke St, VIC JB Miranda, NSW JB Adelaide City, SA JB Hobart, TAS

And sorry guys, but that’s about it for midnight launches in Australia.


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