AU Diary: Gran Turismo 5 Midnight Launches?

Gran Turismo5 is in the office. It's sitting there in front of me, but I don't really believe it. I'm convinced that it's a mirage. As we speak I'm prodding it with a stick just to make sure it isn't some of elaborate trap. Can it be that this creature of myth actually exists?

What about you guys? Anyone up for a Gran Turismo 5 midnight launch? Are you waiting until tomorrow? Are you picking up a copy of the game at all?

There are very few midnight launches in Australia. We've called around a couple of places to find out which store are doing one and come up with a list. It's pretty paltry, but if you have a hankerin' to clamber out of bed and drive to your nearest store, here are the ones that'll be selling Gran Turismo 5 at midnight tonight.

EB EB Games at Chapel Street is actually the only EB in Australia holding a midnight launch for Gran Turismo 5. And apparently the only reason that's happening is because the manager of the store is a mad fan of the game. The exact address for this store is 285 Chapel St, Prahran, VIC.

JB Hi-Fi JB have a far stronger offering for Gran Turismo 5 midnight launches, with a handful of launches happening Australia wide. Gamers in Victoria, again have the most choice.

JB Chadstone, VIC JB Knox, VIC JB Bourke St, VIC JB Miranda, NSW JB Adelaide City, SA JB Hobart, TAS

And sorry guys, but that's about it for midnight launches in Australia.


    Apparently street date is already broken...

      Oh that is BULLSHIT! I was in that very same EB store at about 1:30pm and they refused to give me my preorder. That was despite the fact that I pointed out to them that Shin Tokyo next door were already selling it. Well, in fairness to the guys at EB, they were willing to give it to me, but they had to clear it with head office before breaking street date and they wouldn't give the OK.

      Anybody know what time they shut? I might go have another go at it after work.

      Super hardcore lols. Delay, delay, delay, early?!? o.O

      Does that mean I can has GT5 today!? :D

      Haha, I bought mine from there at around 2:30pm.

      Brilliant game ^_^

    Meh. I've waited 6 years, I can wait until regular business hours tomorrow.

      Having to wait so long that it felt like it sounded like this:

    I had pre-ordered the Collector's Edition from JB HiFi for the included DLC, however the BigW catalogue has the standard edition for AUD77.

    I simply cannot justify the extra AUD52 for the Collector's so will be popping into BigW tomorrow night after work to pick it up.

    Wasn't a Harvey Norman in Sydney doing a midnight launch, with the game for $68?
    All kinds of jealous. I wish they were doing one here in Brisbane.

      I called them up (my mate wanted to go), and they denied it...

      Then again, the guy on the other end didn't seem very convincing.

      I'm getting conflicting stories on this one.

    Woah that looks real.. Sucks to be George.. :S

    I've got Black Ops, Forza 3 Ultimate Bioshock 2 and Halo Reach to fill the void of Gran Turismo 5.

      Forza 3, really!! I don't think it will compare at all to GT5. Although I'm also worried that GT5 in its most basic form doesn't look to be much different to GT5p.

      I found Forza 3 to be terribly numb driving experience and massively overrated. The best on 360 that I've seen so far is PGR4. There's no way in hell F3 is a simulation.

    Chuloopa, your skills of awesomeness never cease to amaze me.

    Unfortunately just contacted JB Top Ryde (NSW)...that's right TOP RYDE! I'm calling you OUT !
    and they said, "Yeah we've heard that other stores have broken street date, but we won't be doing that here"


      They were putting the copies on the shelf at Big W top ryde at about 4pm today.

      Played it for a few hours already.

    I may buy it, but i'd rather win it on Kotaku *hint*

    Picked up my Signature edition today from EB Rundle Mall in Adelaide... Went back later to pick up a "basic" version.


    Installing as we speak.

    I was left a message earlier today from my local and ever trusty video game store (who shall remain nameless) letting me know my copy of GT5 was ready to be picked up...

    Unfortunate for me I didn't get the message until after I got home and after they were closed, otherwise I'd be playing it right now, but they have helped me out many times with early releases :)

      Yeah... I've got a store like that too.

      It's cost me hundreds in games to get that kind of loving though.

      Game in Perth City called me saying that it was ready to be picked up because the street date was broken..

      They called me TEN MINUTES BEFORE the store closed. I was not happy at all. I live at least fifteen minutes away.

    I rang my local EB yesterday to suss out the possibility of breaking street date or a midnight launch thingy.

    Stingy bastards said no to both. Oh well, tomorrow...

    I can't decide if I really want to get this or something else.. I've got an 8gb iPod touch to offload and EB's current "hey, we want to give you $170 trade-in value for it" is too tempting (considering it cost me $139!)

    For the people who are saying that retailers are stingy for not releasing the game early have no idea of the penalties that the retailers who actually broke street date face. They are going to get screwed over...

    On the plus side, its finally here and I'm looking forward to it!

    I went back to EB after work and got it. I'm playing it right now :)

    Got it on pre-order at JB hifi for about $79, will be hopefully picking it up sometime during the day! Much excitements.

    Now just imagine what you'll be doing when Duke Nukem Forever comes out.

    Meh - while i am looking forward to this the reviews haven't been as stellar as i imagined and with me still playing Brotherhood, Reach and Black Ops, i will pick this up sometime this week - most likely from Big W on special.

    It just doesn't seem to have that rabid foam in the mouth type of hype for it to be the system seller that i imagined it to be in my mind.

    Brought my copy @ JB for $79 at about 8pm last night. Chaddy in Victoria had a 'VIP Night' which meant everything was open. Piles and piles of GT5 .. :D

    Hey, check out the turnout at GT5 midnight launch, biggest in Oz...!/album.php?aid=41863&id=157029294326444&fbid=172775186085188

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