Aussie Nintendo Store: A Trip On The Bit Side

It's a BIT.TRIP weekend this weekend! Gaijin Games' latest title in the series is this weeks big game. There is even a demo of it for you to sample. More demos please Nintendo!

WiiWare BIT.TRIP FATE (Gaijin Games, 800 Points) - CommanderVideo is back and he's riding the vibe this time to find out his true mission, his fate. The retro stylings that have made the BIT.TRIP series famous are back of course as are CommanderVideo's friends from the previous "Runner" game. This new title again takes the series to another new genre, this time it's a classic side scrolling shoot-em-up. There is also a demo available for this one straight out off the bat, so if you haven't played one of these games before, Do it now!

DSiWare GO Series Ivy the Kiwi? Mini (Gamebridge, 500 Points) - A new game from the mind that created Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka. This is, well a 'mini' version of the full game but it still includes over 50 levels in which to guide Ivy on her way home. The game is controlled via the stylus and has a great hand-drawn storybook art style.

Supermarket Mania (G5 Entertainment, 500 Points) - If you've ever played any of those Diner Dash style games then you'll exactly what this one is all about. There is over 50 levels in the story mode as well as the usual Endless Modes for Supermarket addicts. Few of the kids who work at Woolies near me should probably play this.

Nintendo Countdown Calendar (Nintendo, 200 Points) - Guess what this one is all about then? It's not just a simple one either, there is multiple countdowns to set and it puts them in what Nintendo calls 'fun and exciting countdown format'. It even has support for multiple events. Naturally you'd need to keep the program open for it to work. It does not play the final day music from Majora's Mask unfortunately.

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    Totally forgot it was Friday yesterday thanks to working overtime so much. Good bunch of games this week by the looks of it though, which is proof that a watched pot never boils (or at least it's antithesis).

    WHERE THE FUCK IS CAVE ST-oh who gives a damn any more...

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