Aussie Nintendo Store: Let's Get Furry!

This week's update isn't so special because of the new stuff out this week, although that is pretty cool too. No, this week marks the returns of demos to the WiiWare store.

Yes! Just like the Xbox 360 and PS3 you'll now be able to download demos so you can try before you buy on the Wii Shop Channel. Don't get overly excited, put away your Red Bull. Only four games so far will be offered as demos, and they'll only be for a limited time. So it's not all bad, right? At least they're fixing it with the Nintendo 3DS.

WiiWare Demos Jett Rocket (Shin'en Multimedia) - With the graphical brilliance of a retail release, Jett Rocket is a great little platformer that looks a lot like Super Mario Galaxy, definitely worth checking out in demo form.

Furry Legends (Gamelion) - Platforming fun that involves furry balls, not people in cat costumes that take their love of animals too far.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland - We miss out on this one because we never got the original game.

ThruSpace (Nintendo) - See below


ThruSpace (Nintendo, 800 Points, Demo Available) - Yup, it's another puzzle title from Nintendo on WiiWare, bet you didn't see that one coming. Like most of them on the service though it's actually pretty good. Take one part Tetris, add in some 3D and a bird's eye perspective and you have ThruSpace. It's a single player affair but there is a fair amount of content here.


Bookworm (PopCap, 500 Points) – The classic PopCap game comes to the DS. I've heard it's sold a few million copies? Perhaps it's good.

Rytmik: Rock Edition (Cinemax, 800 Points) - A tidy little portable music studio, this time with a focus on Guitars.

Any one up for getting any of the demos?


    Good to hear they brought back the demos, I'll give Zombie Panic in Wonderland and Thruspace a look.

    Bookworm was something that I had my eye on for some time, I'll give that a shot as well :P

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