Aussie Nintendo Store: T-Rex Rumble

There's a whole lot of something on the store this week. That of course is holes, I am of course talking about how Australia has again missed out on a bunch of titles. It's a common theme but thankfully you're not missing much this week. Unless of course you were interested in a massaging simulator. No really.

DSiWare Robot Rescue (Teyon, 200 Points) - Save your robot friends from the traps and tricks of a computer. A Deadly computer at that! Well maybe not but it certinaly sounds a lot cooler. A cheap littler puzzler that may be a little fun.

Legendary Wars: T-Rex Rumble (Interplay, 800 Points) - There's nothing cooler than Dinosaurs, the T-Rex is one of the coolest. He gets all the lady dinosaurs. So what happens when you get a game, that's an RTS that pits dinosaur against dinosaur? You get awesome. Apart from the Dinosaurs are cool thing there is actually a good game hidden away here, there's quite a lot of content too as it was originally a retail game. (though never released as such). Pick of the week!

Virtual Console Spin Master (D4 Enterprise, 900 Points) - The Neo Geo library gets another boost this week with a new platforming title. It is of course Data East's Spin Master and can be played by your lonesome or with a friend. Anyone played this one in the past?

Quick Nintendo Store Update Poll: The demo games came out last week, did you pick up any?


    Yo, where bit trip fate at??
    Bit trip runner is easily one of the best downloadables this year so far.
    Nintendo Australia, go figure.

    It's out next week in Europe and Australia.

    bit trip fate's out next week apparently:

    after looking at this update, i don't really regret selling my dsi!

    The Nintendo Australia store is the biggest piece of crap. In fact, Nintendo Australia are generally f***ing useless. Everytime I think about it it makes me angry.

    Hold on to your butts...

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