Aussie Nintendo Store: The Love Boat

This week's update is one of the biggest for a while, but in the mass of games is there anything you should pick up? Why yes, there is. On that note, please avoid some of them like the plague.

WiiWare Flowerworks: Follie's Adventure (Nocturnal Entertainment, 500 points) – A game with an odd combination of gardening and fireworks, yes that sounds crazy as but it actually works well. This game was 1000 points when it was released in the US but we've got it for a handsome, 50% off. Worth checking out.

Blood Beach (Coresoft, 500 points) – You know the jokes people make about the not so good games on WiiWare and then ignore the service, that's one of these games. Less said about this one the better.


Need for Speed Nitro-X (EA Games, 800 points) - Despite managing to look worse than some racers on the Gameboy Advance, Nitro-X takes the all the good bits of the Nitro game we've seen before but condenses it down into a package of downloadable goodness. Possibly even better than the Wii version of Hot Pursuit, and oh boy, that's bad.

DodoGo! Challenge (Neko Entertainment, 500 points) - The Dodo's are back and this time they have 100 more levels to not try and get extinct on. DodoGo Challenge is an extension of the previous game, but there's enough here even if you picked up the first.

Music On: Electric Guitar (Abylight, 200 points) – Another entry in this music series - guess which instrument this one lets you rock out with?

Virtual Console Faxanadu (NES, 500 points) – A classic action RPG from 1986. You play as an adventurer and he's returned home only to find that all the water supply is dried up and it's killing the World Tree that covers the village. There's of course monsters responsible, and it's up to you to climb to the top of the tree and lay the smack-down to whoever is causing all the problems. My riveting description perhaps isn't that exciting, but the game is pretty good.

WiiWare Demo

Robox (Dreambox Games, Free) - Check out this 'probing' adventure game. Reviews haven't been that kind, but with a demo now you can at least see if it's suited to you.


    I still have Faxanadu on the NES!

      Happy birthday.

        I was going to reply with "Aw, you're such a darlin', you sexy, Scottish man, you.", but I don't know if that'll make my dear welbotty shift uncomfortably. I'm not sure he'd approve of me commenting on how sexy and Scottish his sexy Scottish friends are~

    I can't believe you actually used it as the title. Bahahahaha.

    For those Nintendo Connection Ambassadors out there (like myself), I think Faxanadu makes the 146th free game you would have been able to download free of charge

    Must go count them again to see if that figure is right

    Hope 150 is something special

    OMFG about damn time!!! Been waiting on Faxanadu for what seems to be forever now

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