Axl Rose Sues Guitar Hero Maker For Putting Slash In Its Game

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has finally gotten around to being pissed off about 2007's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. He's suing publisher Activision for $US20 million for including ex-GNR guitarist Slash in the game.

According to a legal complaint obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Rose is pissed that Guns N' Roses hit "Welcome to the Jungle" was featured in the game alongside a virtual appearance from Slash. Rose claims that Slash's appearance in the music game violates an agreement that specified absolutely no references to the ex-GNR guitarist or the band Velvet Revolver.

The legal complaint contends that "[Activision]began spinning a web of lies and deception to conceal its true intentions to not only feature Slash and [Velvet Revolver]prominently in GH III but also promote the game by emphasizing and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N' Roses and the band's song 'Welcome to the Jungle."

Rose is further bothered that Guns N' Roses track "Sweet Child O' Mine" was used to promote Guitar Hero III, a song apparently only authorised for use in Guitar Hero II.

Rock band No Doubt sued Activision over its portrayal in 2009's Band Hero, which the act claims transformed them into "virtual karaoke players."

Activision was also threatened by Kurt Cobain's widow over the Nirvana frontman's inclusion in Guitar Hero 5.

Axl Rose Sues Activision for $US20M for Including Slash in 'Guitar Hero' [THR]


    Rock stars always wanting more.


    And will Bobby care or change his ways? Most likely not...

    Bit late to the party there, hey Axl?

      lol, this is Axl though... he delays concerts because he is always late... it's only fitting that he is about 3 years behind in the news.

      This is actually about 4 years early for him.

    Suing gaming companies. Thats so rock and roll

    Axl is just angry that he's completely washed up..

    Has anyone heard him sing recently? Man what a trainwreck.. at least Slash can still play guitar...

      Christ tell me about it, I heard Chinese Democracy, thank god I didn't buy it. What a TRAIN WRECK of an album!!!

        It was the Duke Nukem Forever of the music world.

    So... Axl is pissed off they're using ANOTHER guy's likeness in the game? Does own the GnR IP or something?

    But if your game series is resorting to using in-game likenesses as a gimmick, I think you deserve it when totally washed-up, coked-out rockstars who are suing 3 years late.

    ^^^ Congratulations most of you have successfully jumped on the kotaku opinion bandwagon! You are to be awarded for your highly developed independent thought process and reasoning abilities.
    No really you suck.

    Two parties made an agreement, lots of money to be made, one party breaks rules of agreement, someone gets sued.
    Axl is entitled to compensation, and Activision will have to cough up. Read past the ambiguous article title and it will be clear.

      Out of 10 comments, only 3 seemed to have 'jumped on the bandwagon', as you put it. Yes, Axl may have had an agreement with Activision-Blizzard with regards to the GnR IP and the use of Slash's likeness in the games with reference to GnR material (given Axl and Slash's relationship, it's quite likely). However, Axl is also a bit of a douchebag. The vast majority of the comments here are a reflection upon Axl's general behaviours, rather than a misinterpretation of the article.

      except he's bitching over nothing

      the velvet revolver songs were released seperatly to GH:III so the whole velvet revolver thing is mute since there could be no cross promotion

      and emphasising a relationship between slash and welcome to the jungle

      come of it, he was part of the band he was part of the song to deny there is a relationship is stupid. Especially as it was co-written by him

      Ah good wise PatMan, obviously you have a copy of the original contract since you make these bold claims of knowledge on the agreement?

      Might you show me a copy, since you obviously have one?

        The original contract is irrelevant when you consider " When Rose found out that a Slash-like chararacter and Velvet Revolver songs would be included in GH II, he says he immediately rescinded the authorization for "Jungle," " - from referenced article. Also note that GH3 contains welcome to the jungle.

        This means 'Welcome to the Jungle' has been used without permission. If Axl can prove he did not give permission he is entitled to compensation.

    "Rose is pissed that Guns N’ Roses hit “Welcome to the Jungle” was featured in the game alongside a virtual appearance from Slash"

    Tha very same Slash who co-wrote, then played the song in the recording and countless live performances? Or the other Slash...?

    Would certainly be interesting to see some of Axl's demanded contract clauses. "Don't mention Slash", "Don't mention Velvet Revolver", "Don't mention my obvious and frequently demonstrated insanity", "Dont mention Chinese Democracy, the single biggest album flop in music history"

    Wow, the view sure is nice up here on this bandwagon...

    I read something about Axl whinging about this way back when GH3 came out, albeit in a less formal sense.

    It's certainly not a new thing that he is annoyed with Activision.

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