Black Ops Multiplayer Works A Little Bit Better Today

Finding an online match in Call of Duty: Black Ops should be a little less of a chore today, as a full title update hits for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, addressing many of the game's more pressing multiplayer problems.

Treyarch has been steadily releasing small updates for Call of Duty: Black Ops since November 5, but today (or yesterday, according to the official forum post) marks the release of a full title update, bringing a slew of improvements to the way multiplayer matches are made, fixing a couple of serious bugs and fine-tuning performance for an optimal gaming experience.

The biggest fixes in the title update come to matchmaking. Hooking up with some strangers to shoot at each other should happen much faster now, with steps taken to ensure that players are matched to games with optimal networking conditions. Changes to host selection will make sure the best possible host is selected ion the pre-game lobby, while tweaks to the party system will make sure parties don't get torn asunder.

The developer has also removed the ability to connect to Private Match, Combat Training and theatre lobbies when searching for Player Match games.

Fixes implemented in the update include making sure the weekly and monthly leaderboards track stats correctly, as well as keeping Player Match stats and the game's bot-powered Combat Training stats from getting mixed up.

Sounds like they're making great progress in getting the game into the condition it should have been in on day one. Now if only they could keep those Valkyrie rockets from blowing up in our faces.

PS3 Community Update (11/18/10) [Black Ops: Forums]


    Now if they could just polish the graphics engine and bring it closer to X360 res... The difference is really noticeable when both versions are put side by side.. And add ranking to local splitscreen ala MW2

      You answered this for yourself.

      Out of the millions playing the game, I don't imagine many playing it side by side with MW2 going. The graphics are still good (I have noticed at times MW2 prob did look better) but it looks like a great game, better than a lot of other games released this year on NEW engines.

      What they need to fix is the options in Local Splitscreen - no choice in time limit, death limit? Only system link or online?

        I meant xbox 360 version of black ops vs. Ps3 black ops.
        My mate has it on x360, looks a lot cleaner owing to a higher render resolution.

    What about the issues of spawning next to an enemy. This has to be the biggest issue. I havent played it this week hoping that an update was on its way. If the spawning issues were not addresses, i guess i'll have to wait for the next update again.

    Never had issues finding games.

    Most of my friends are very unhappy with the game. I cant see us playing for 12 months like MW2.

      One of the higher-ups has commented on this. They're working on a fix (they even explained indepth how it currently works).

      I'll post the link when I can access the site (i.e. after work).

        Sorry it took so long...

    So glad to hear this, I gave up in frustration on Monday night. Matching took ages, then would put me in a match with 4 bars - great, then next match 1 bar - unplayable. Every second match was 1 bar. So frustrating - hope this fixes those issues.

    Am I the only one who since the update now gets heaps of servers completely dropping mid-game or at the end of the first game? It wasn't like this before the update ...

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