Black Ops On PC Patched: Is It Now Up To Scratch?

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch has pushed live an update for the PC version of the game, promising to fix many of the issues that have plagued the title since its launch earlier this week.

Users have been complaining for a few days now of two major issues: intermittent "lag" in multiplayer matches that has nothing to do with a player's internet connection, and poor graphical performance in the singleplayer campaign.

The update, which went live a few hours ago, states it will fix the following:

While these are listed as being for the multiplayer side of the game, I found that my singleplayer performance - particularly the choppy cutscenes and loading sequences - had been improved.

What about you guys, notice any multiplayer improvements?


    Well it still ate up all my RAM and then blue screened my overly optimistic hiny. Hasn't happened to friends, but for now I think I'll start playing through everything else on my shelf.

    I've noticed that in the last day, multiplayer has been alot better. However, the last killcam shot at the end of a match is still choppy.

    Multiplayer lag hasn't decreased at all for me, even post patch. I am very disappointed, cant even get a refund. Didn't Treyarch beta test this buggy mess?

      No, they didn't. Not properly anyway. Even some relative small-scale user testing they'd have uncovered a pile of issues. The game has 'rushed;' written all over it.

    My multiplayer is running fine, but that's only when I can get into a game. It never lets me join anything even when it shows there's free spots. When I do get in, its not the game type I wanted. Or it can crash joining a game. It takes me about 15 minutes of trying to get into one. But when I do it works fine. I think I might go back to MOH if this continues.

      I'm currently having the same or a similar issue as well. I can only join a server (no response to clicking 'join') once the entire server list has loaded. By the time the list of servers has loaded - maybe 30 secs, the server has already filled which is annoying as hell. But I'm not sure really.

    I'm in the same boat as McNulty :(

    Mine's pretty playable now. Still siezes up every now and then but not to the point where it gets annoying.

    Multiplayer works a lot better for me now, but there are still some issues. I would also like to see country filter for the server browser or a ping filter, I do not need to see 4000 servers I have no intention of playing on.

    I always have Murphy's law when installing games with fame for many bugs.

    I'm gonna wait a month at least before I put my cash down, the upside, it might be resolved by then - the down, there will be a steep learning curve vs. the pros that have been playing since day one.

    I usually top the charts (say, in a 16 v 16 game, I get on avg. top 4 scores/kdr), so it shouldn't be too difficult. Most players are "pants on head retarded".

    nope no lag decrease at all

    It. Freezes. Every. Time. I. Join. A. Game. The. Patch. Didn't. Fix. A. Thing. It. Made. It. Worse. Treyarch. Screwed. Us. Over.

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